Omoni Oboli gushes over her husband’s love for her

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Celebrities' marriage crash, is rising as the day goes by. One tends to ask questions if their status as a celebrity is the cause to their marriage failure.

Despite the rate of marriage breakups, some celebrities have successfully managed to keep their marriage intact over the years.

Nollywood actress cum producer, Omoni Oboli gushes over her husband, saying he makes her fall in love with him every day and his poems was what got her attracted to him at a young age.

In her words: my husband makes me fall in love with him every day. Na these poems he take catch me as a young girl.”

The proud mum of three couldn't help showering affections on her husband after he penned down an interesting poem about her.

“She graced our home with the beauty and finesse of a queen, but doesn't drop the ball; in drawing admiration from me like an art lover gazing on the figurine. You listen, nurture, contribute constructively and encourage in very way, and that's why I know you are my anchor baby. She carries my name with pride and respect and leaves all the drama on the screen where she can be anything even being Mrs. Elliot. What more can a husband ask from God, when he has been given the better half that he can proudly call in his home, the first lady. Her work will continue to speak for her in years to come as she soars higher and higher, way beyond the age of fifty. I'm proud to let her fly and be a leader, and to give her the leverage to stand among women who are ground breaking wives on strikes.” He wrote