Top 7 App Types Every Traveler Must Have When Visiting Ghana


Travelling leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller - Ibn Battuta.

The world is often described as a book and those who do not explore it are said to read only one page. The best remedy to boredom and stress is relaxation and that is achieved by a change of environment, scenery or routine. Travel then becomes your safest bet to relax, rejuvenate and discover new places and things. Technology has come to make travelling very easy.

Africa is a very challenging destination to visit because of the difficulties associated with technology and accessibility of many things that otherwise make life easy. These days, by just tapping a few buttons on your phone, you get access to so much information as well as solutions to many travel related problems.

Most of the mobile applications designed are functionable online or via the use of internet services. However, the best apps to use as a traveller are those that can be utilized offline as well. Jovago , Africa’s #1 online hotel booking portal takes you through 7 app types every traveller must have when visiting Ghana.

  1. Packing - This is probably the first stage of everyone’s travel after planning. Packing enough is as equally important as packing right and finding the balance often seems impossible. There are some great mobile apps that help you with checklists of what to carry along and what not to carry along, depending on your travel destination, weather conditions, culture etc. Notable examples of such apps are ‘Packpoint, Packing Pro and Travel List which are available on both IOS and android.

  1. Accommodation - With every step of the travel being important, travellers are usually very cautious not to leave any preparation undone. Most especially, the accommodation bit. Where to stay often ranks high on many travelers planning lists. Finding the right hotel or accommodation option that blends comfort, affordability and proximity to the travel destination is always challenging. Having an application on your phone that allows you make a hotel reservation within minutes after searching through great inventories of the best hotels and deals in your destination area, is just what every traveller dreams of. Key examples of such apps are Jovago,Trivago and Tripadvisor. Your hotel booking experience just got easier.

  1. Feeding - Then we arrive at the matter of food. Of course you have to eat on your travels. This is often a very delicate issue as it comes along with health implications. Not eating good food or eating food that you are not comfortable with often brings about great discomfort. You may not enjoy your trip as soon as you begin to experience stomach disorders and upsets. The best way is to find restaurants and food joints at your destination that serve what you like. This is also very tricky as the destination may not be somewhere familiar. Food delivery apps then come in handy. Hellofood, Foodpanda and Timeout are a few of the many food apps available on your smartphone that guides you and makes it easy to find a restaurant, make an order and even get it delivered to your location. Eat right!

4. Shopping - Depending on how long you intend to stay on your travel, you may need a few things. Not knowing ‘’where’’ to get ‘’what’’ is always a nightmare. Even if there are popular shops in town, having apps actually allow you compare different shops, items and prices before selecting what you want. You may even get it delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t that easier? These days, mobile apps make it possible to shop from a very wide range of categories. Clothing, electronics, stationery, groceries, confectioneries etc, are all available in different apps. Kaymu, Jumia, Tonaton, Ebay, Tisu, Zoobashop are among a few shopping apps available for use in this country.

5. Currency converter / translator - These two actually walk hand-in-hand most of the time. It is more likely that most people from non-english speaking countries will find it challenging communicating to people in Ghana, since the official language here is English. The best way out is to have an app that translates what you want to say from your preferred language to English and vise versa. Similarly, although the USD, the GBP and the Euro are accepted currencies in Ghana , it is best to have an app that quickly calculates the exchange rates to avoid being duped or ripped off by criminals. Language translator apps such as the Google translate, itranslate and Translator Buddy are designed to help you settle well in any locality. Also currency converter apps such as the FX converter, Oanda and XE Converter give up-to-date currency rates and help you stay on top of your finances.

6. Navigation - Being lost in an unknown land is very irritating, frustrating and can literally make you sick. Without directions, your travel isn’t going to be easy and fun as you planned it. In a foreign land, you can ask locals for directions to places but not everyone knows everywhere and you may get stuck at one point or another. One other challenge most travellers face is not knowing which transportation option to use for which destination . Then again, there are great applications that aid you in finding your way and accessing transport links. The most popular navigation app is the Google Map. Others include Freemaps, Findme etc.

7. Social - Imagine sitting in a plane, train or bus for hours or not being able to sleep at night. Without social media and without internet for long periods. Not being conversant with TV programmes in your new location . It can be very boring. Social media apps provide an escape route to all these inconveniences. Having facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Linkedin, Vimeo, Youtube etc. on your phone or tablet keeps you busy and informed for very long periods, when you have relatively nothing to do on your travel. You also get connected to the friends and family you left at home. If you have very close people such as wives and children, social media allows you to talk face to face so you don’t miss them so much.

There are actually many more types of apps that you may need on your travel and it is often suggested by travel experts that you download as many apps as your device can take so that you have access to whatever you need when you need it. Although there are many limitations with using apps such as access to internet and electricity, the benefits of these apps largely outshine the limitations. So travel, don’t hold back and when all is set and ready, get as many apps as possible and have a fun, relaxed trip.