Evang. Ignatius to Christian Youths: Imbibe and Practice Charity

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

Christian youths in the world have been counseled to imbibe, cultivate and practice the act of charity in their dealings with their fellow human beings.

Evangelist Orji Ignatius, who is also the Youth President of Devine Miracle Galore Ministries a.k.a (Restoration Church), a Pentecostal Church in Enugu State, gave the advice during the celebration of the Church’s Youth Day on 24th April, 2016 with the Theme: “Neglect Not the Gift in thee.”

Delivering his message/sermon for the day on the topic “Charity as a Tool for Upholding Spiritual Gift,” Ignatius defined charity as the provision of help or relief to the poor or somebody who is in need, adding that the totality of what brings out one’s gift in life is sacrifice which is called ‘charity’ or in some cases ‘love

“Charity does not make a man a flamboyant human being, rather it determines where one is going,” Ignatius said.

Taking his reading from the Book of 1StCorinthians 13: 1-2, the youthful evangelist said, among all the fruits of the Spirit, ‘charity’ is the summary and ultimate as it is encapsulated in 1St Corinthians 13:13 – “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest is charity.

Evangelist Ignatius who noted that there are several spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, word of knowledge, faith etc, said these gifts may fail without the help of charity and enjoined Christian youths to pick up their gift and work for God with it by applying charity.

He said the youth day signifies celebration of youngness among the young Christians, noting that to be a youth, is a stage; a second stage of life that people prepare themselves for elderliness.

Evangelist Ignatius who described the youth stage as call from God, to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, advised youths to “come into the house of God to obtain the Grace that will help them to be charitable people.

The celebration witnessed some sight attractions such as, praise ministration by the youths, mock news presentation, recitations from the Holy Bible, dance, live TV talk show on “Life and Success,” anchored by Onyinye Ngene Chichetam as the presenter, with Onwe Raymond and Kwashy Onyinye as the guests.

Evangelist Orji Ignatius
Youth President Devine Miracle Galore Ministries
1 A cross section of the youths dancing in celebration of the day

2 A cross section of the youths singing in celebration of the day

3 A cross section of the youths singing praises in celebration of the day

4 Front, Youth President, Orji Ignatius and his Dancing Group doing what they know best to do

5 Left to Right, Onwe Raymond, Kwashy Onyinye and the presenter Ngene Chichetam during a live talk show on Life and Success

6 Onwe Raymond and Kwashy Onyinye casting news
7 Youth President, Ignatius Orji