Hollywood Movies are Affecting an Average Nigeria Youth- Paul Adams

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actor, Paul Adams is one of those who is looking forward to the day that the movie industry will start promoting Nigerian content to ensure sustainability of the country's cultural heritage, that is slowing waning from the public eyes. The influence of the western movies especially Hollywood has affected an average Nigerian youth to disregard culture and tradition.

Paul explains “The media plays great role in orienting people, mostly children. Our children are addicted to television and movies which depict a totally different culture from ours. I make bold to say the ills in the society are perpetuated by youths who have imbibed the characters they view on screens and try to bring in the tradition of settling disputes with guns and the likes,” he said.

It is important that an African child understands what is happening around, he said “I grew up reading stories and saw plays like the Palm wine tapper, Village headmaster, Drummer boy, Tales by moon light and so on. All these formed a mental picture I still carry till date which informs my decision anytime I am in need of making one. One can only learn from a movie when it shows what is obtainable in his locality, since he can easily picture himself in that setting,” he said.