Bukola Saraki, David Mark, Sambo Dasuki, Etc vs. 180 Million Nigerians

By Abdul Okolo Charles

Most Nigerians were born in the night but not last night. The recent revelations from the files of Panamanian Firm, Mosseck Fonseca, as further revealed by various media worldwide, concerning these men of questionable character, further reinforces our understanding of the criminal enterprise, which these men have operated, in the name of political leadership in Nigeria, as politically exposed persons.

Signs of the End of Political Corruption

However, all the above politically exposed men (and women), including many ex-governors flying around in private jets, may very well be coming to the end of their criminal enterprises; unless Nigerians are imbeciles, which I believe they are not. There comes a time in the history of nations, when citizens should rise collectively, against the bandits and plunderers of their commonwealth and say enough!

A large number of Nigerians are substantially impoverished, especially in northern Nigeria. Many are basically waiting for death to take them out of their misery. A short trip outside many of the big cities, show lack and deprivation that should make people of saner minds lose sleep at night. The lack is sometimes quite basic; like lack of drinking water, food, medicines/healthcare etc. But most times the lack is critical to basic development; as in roads, electric energy, fuel, etc. The simplest tasks such as cooking can be a challenge.

Plunder, Poverty, Insecurity, Equals Terrorism

In fact, poverty caused in part by the recklessness of men like these, have substantially spurred the ease of recruitment for Boko Haram, in the impoverished communities of Bornu, Yobe, and Adamawa states. This situation has led to the rise of one of the worst terrorist groups in the world, Boko Haram. Yet men like David Mark and Bukola Saraki have the conscience to raid the public treasury with impunity, and jet out of Nigeria every other month to saner climes.

The Coming End of the Saraki Dynasty
The Saraki’s owned Kwara state for many years; Nigerians from other regions often wondered what manner of people hailed from Kwara, as to allow one family unfettered near-permanent lockdown of the state treasury; and every federal allocation coming to Kwara.

There was no end in sight to the plunder of the Saraki’s; from running down Banks (Societie Generale Bank), to running down the state treasury; until Bukola Saraki arrived Abuja, with his eyes on the federal treasury, via political gamesmanship. Can one plunder his way to the presidency of the senate? Apparently yes.

Nevertheless, Nigerians now have great reasons to stare Bukola Saraki down, eyeball to eyeball. The evidence is mounting, from anticipatory declaration of assets, to collecting salary as Governor, and as Senator at the same time, 7 years after leaving the Government House, haba! Well, Kwarans are Nigerians, but Nigeria is not Kwara.

David Mark Perfecting Looting to a Science

David Mark had long perfected looting to a science; thanks in part to his opportunities to serve in one public role or the other, for the past 46 years. As David Mark became more powerful, he grew bolder and bolder; he snapped up multi-million dollar investments including a Golf Course in Ireland, with funds from Nigeria’s coffers; plus other juicy investments in the Americas. However, David Mark was never satisfied; he rigged elections, he compromised judges, and he induced persons to do his biddings.

No persons in Benue or Nigeria ever benefited from David Mark, not even his Idoma people, who are as impoverished as ever. Many parts of Benue have no water or roads, yet David Mark has a private helicopter landing pad in his house, along with his Rolls Royce and fleet of luxury cars. It will be pardonable if David Mark has ever worked hard in his life, rather he has misappropriated anything under his authority with no conscience.

We believe David Mark’s days as a politically exposed person in Nigeria is nearing an end, in-spite of his recent “election” won through the “court”. We hope David Mark’s opponent knows how to resurrect his election petition, because David Mark was not electable in the first place, pursuant to the bona fide evidence from the Panamanian files. Simply put, a public office-holder in Nigeria should not hold the hidden investments Mark holds per the Panamanian files.

Dino Melaye: A Dumb Reckless Crook and Flawed Politician

There are many crooks in leadership in Nigeria today, but we find it interesting that another crook in the making is trying to intimidate 180 million of Africa’s brightest. Dino Melaye, a man who has never had a real job or verifiable business track; except for his student union activities, and a brief stint in the Nigerian House of Representatives. Mr. Melaye has recently come into our consciousness.

Dino Melaye has aligned himself with Bukola Saraki, Buruji Kashamu, and other men and women we’re watching closely. Dino Melaye’s contribution to debates at the national assembly is to ask his colleagues to patronize local women in their frolics. He wants to run the FCT as an Administrator, not as the legislator he is, legislating in part for the FCT, as Chairman of the Senate Committee on the FCT. What manner of man infers that Nigerian women are mere beef, to be used as fodder for Nigerian politicians sexual appetite?

Time for Nigerians to Arise
It is time for Nigerians to wake up. The EFCC must be steadfast, the judiciary must be watched with a microscope, and I80 million Nigerians must encourage Buhari to remain resolute, so that he will give the law enforcement, the free rein and encouragement to do their work zealously. Anything else will be one more step towards letting corruption take Nigeria steps closer to death by leadership ineptitude.

Effects of Overburdening the Diaspora

Diaspora Nigerians now have “donor-fatigue” on Nigeria. When Nigerians do not get their acts together on corruption, their fallback mode usually includes burdening the hard-working Nigerian Diaspora, for their hard-earned resources, which is hardly sufficient for the expensive cost of living in the Western hemisphere.

Meanwhile, in times of plenty or oil boom, Nigerians seem to collect pittances from their leaders, while merrily singing songs of adoration to them, and then go to sleep. Their leaders then plunder the commonwealth to their hearts content. Many Nigerian leaders are like children in a candy store, as soon as they get their hands on the treasury….private jets, Off-shore accounts, unaffordable estates in Abuja and Lagos, SUV’S & luxury cars, mansions, mistresses, mistresses, mistresses, and yet more mistresses.

The Diaspora needs to withhold their $21 billion aid to Nigeria, for about 2 years, to allow the law enforcement and judiciary to conclude the trials of the several looters, who have rendered the country desolate. Diasporas need to consider investing where they live, instead of sending money to Nigeria. Visiting Nigeria on vacations will still be enough to benefit the hospitality industry and emergency aid to the elderly.

On Dasuki, Badeh, and Others
As a stake-holding patriot, some of this writer’s next several articles will dwell on Sambo Dasuki and his gang’s hijack of over $2.1 billion USD, yes, our $2.1 billion USD, including re-looting recovered monies.

This huge heist compromised our security, and led directly to troop casualties, including the loss of sons, brothers, fathers, and providers on the war front. These are funds that were specifically earmarked for troop equipment, safety, and the defense of our territorial integrity; this is treasonable, refunding the money is not good enough, sanctions must be fully applied under the circumstances.

Let Nigerians not waste this moment. If they do, they should never cry out to the world, or the Diaspora for succor, there are things more meaningful, than existing until death takes one out of his or her misery; standing up to economic saboteurs is one of those.

Abdul Okolo Charles
Email: [email protected]
Columbia, US

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