DISCLAIMER: Observer Group Seeks Justice On Rivers State Rerun Killings

By Daniel Omaga

A core value of the BBLLI is promoting good leadership for sustainable development. This is both over the Nigerian and African perspectives respectively. We plan to achieve this by consistently engaging relevant stakeholders in our democratic institutions within known and acceptable framework.

Within a short period starting from our inception, we have consistently intervened in the democratic process as we consider such engagements essential to the promotion of democracy within and outside Nigeria. Beyond our democratic institutions, the BBLLI have considered it essential to initiate nationalistic discourses which overtime has contributed to the deepening of our governance process.

We therefore consider it essential to react to and disclaim a petition that was circulated on April 1, 2016 on several national dailies and selected online news channels prominent of which is New York Based Sahara Reporters which may form basis for the integrity of the BBLLI to be called to question. The material suggests that:

1. The BBLLI is partisan and has sufficient (but hidden) interests in the just concluded parliamentary elections which held in Rivers State, South South, Nigeria and has questioned the circumstances surrounding the incidences of violence which occurred within the periods of the said elections.

2. The BBLLI interacted with the Independent National Electoral Commission, the International Criminal Court, the United States of America Ambassodor and the United Nations on issues remotely connected to the elections under reference.

3. The BBLLI considers current governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Eze Wike as culpable for electoral misconduct and should as chief security officer of the state be held responsible for the destruction of lives and properties which were connected to the said elections; and that

4. A National Director (of Monitoring & Evaluation) at the BBLLI, Anthony Onuya Yusuf led the said interaction and may be responsible for the creation and promotion of the materials under reference.

Ordinarily, the BBLLI would rather not engage in matters that would add no value to its vision but in recognition that falsehood when unchallenged may be applied as truth is caused to respond to the effect that:

1. The BBLLI did not consider the elections under reference as a matter of interest and as such did not initiate any process to gain accreditation as an observer neither did any engagement happen between it and any local or foreign organization wherein the Rivers State election was subject or object.

2. The outcome of the said elections is subject to diverse forms of contest at relevant courts while the aspects of violence and other misconducts are being investigated by relevant security agencies. Consequently, it shall be both pre-emptive and sub-judice on the part of the BBLLI to assume that a party to the elections may be (vicariously) culpable in part or totality.

3. The BBLLI plans to monitor future elections in Nigeria as means of deepening its democratic institutions but such involvement shall at all times be limited to providing real time reports on voting and polls analysis. At no time shall the BBLLI attempt to complement the role of security agents or the judiciary as such roles relate to elections; and that

4. Anthony Onuya Yusuf, a National Director (of Monitoring & Evaluation) at the BBLLI is only responsible for a core area of operation which requires precision, tact and consistent research and does not extend to disclosing the position of the organization on issues and such did not issue the said publication.

The foregoing being the case, the BBLLI disowns the entire news material which is a shallow impression by fraudsters who are bent on misleading their pay masters and the general public in an attempt to tarnish the hard earned reputation of Governor Nyesom Eze Wike and the ever growing image of our organization as the said publication does not in anyway portray our mission or global vision which is available for verification at www.bblliafrica.com

We urge Nigerians and any party to the matter to ignore the material as it is not a product of the BBLLI and does not reflect its opinion on the parliamentary elections which held in Rivers State, South South. Nigeria.

Ezeani, Chukwunonso Elvis.
National Director,
Research & Strategy.
For: Beyond Boundaries Legacy Leadership Initiative