Linda Ikeji and her fellow travellers are on the way to perdition- Solomon Akiyesi


Ayoola Johnson, a.k.a has refused to talk about what transpired between him and Terry G and only admits that the two of them are in an open relationship. It is already seven years after their infamous beef that got them separate. Well, is back with the visuals of his CAPITAL G.O.D which featured 9ice and Oritshefemi.

Terry G and released the hugely successful tune, 'Pass me your love' and not long after, they parted ways over allegations and counter allegations based on the ownership of the song, both singers have refused to have anything to do with each other. Terry G seems to be doing better on the air waves but recently, we have not heard much about him.

He has many fans and this is how he tries to stay sane “I try as much to avoid them, because at a point they kept making me feel like I owe everyone explanation with questions like After pass me your love, what happened? What have you been doing? This is why I have been avoiding them.”

How does he cope with his female fans? said “So far, I have learnt to treat them right, because they are beautiful creatures and deserve to be treated like queens.