Suleja: The Proxy Abuja Tourist Haven


A privilege that Suleja enjoys is that many people think that it is in Abuja. This perception is rubbing off positively on Suleja as tourists, fun seekers and politicians flood the town to escape the busy-life of Abuja.

Suleja is a traditional emirate in Niger State largely famous for pottery, cotton weaving, dyeing, farming, and mat weaving. It has a population of 216,518 people and was originally named Abuja but had to change to Suleja after the Nigerian Government adopted Abuja as its Federal Capital Territory in 1976.

The paramount ruler is Awwal Ibrahim, Emir of Zazzau, of Suleja who ascended the throne in 1993. There is so much to see and do in Suleja even though it is not alluring as Abuja., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal tells you more about the town.

Gurara Waterfall
Gurara Waterfall is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is 30 metres above ground level and covers as much as 300 metres. It has only one cascading fall and was discovered in 1745 by a Gwari hunted called Buba. It is a perfect recreational hub for fun seekers.

Zuma Rock
Zuma Rock features prominently on Nigeria’s 100 naira note. It offers an astonishing view of Suleja, that is if you climb to the top. It is 725 feet tall. The rock was served as a safe haven for Gbayi people escaping attacks during inter-tribal wars.

Mayanka Falls
The Mayanka Falls is just a stone’s throw from the Palace of the Sarkin Zazzau (Suleja). It is a location replete with so much history spanning two hundred years. It is also a nice place to have fun when you are in Suleja.

Suleja is an affordable town and the hotels located there are in line with this affordability. This should not be surprising because it is the younger brother of Abuja. Hence, many visitors to Abuja may prefer to stay in Suleja. If you take such a decisions here are some hotels you will find there City Link Palace Hotel, Agenda Suites and Resorts, Sarafina Hotel, Gold Touch Garden Hotel, Double Tee Guest Inn, Jim N Guest House, and NNPC Guest House among others.

Many of the restaurants in Suleja are small scale restaurants. Do not expect to see the more established restaurants at every stop because they are very few. Some of the small-scale restaurants include Madam Edo Restaurant, Daura Restaurant, Makas Eatery, Lace Restaurant, and Makas Eatery.

Madakin Gini Superstore, Shebell Supermarkets and Cosmetics, Pintos Superstore and Celebraty Supermarket are some of the shopping centres which serves Suleja. There are smaller shops which you can patronize. However, if you want to do any serious shopping, you have to drive to Abuja. Aside that, the aforementioned shopping centres are Okay. If you prefer the market, you can visit Madala market or Ibrahim Babangida Market.

Fun facts
Suleja was one of the towns where the ancient sculptures of the Nok culture was discovered.