Alex Lopez is single but not searching

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Keep off Alex Lopez is single but not searching, says not being in a relationship is
less stressful,
Mulatto actress, Alex Lopez is one of the few top stars in Nollywood who is so proud to be a single parent. The 'Piccadilly' star who had also mesmerized her teeming fans in other box office movies became a mother outside wedlock at the tender age of 17.

And today, Joshua, her son is 14 years old. "He is my world and everything… I'm still single and not desperate to get married because I'm still waiting for the man that will love me and my son with all his heart, divulged the half Brazilian, half Nigerian, who was also the second runners up, in the 1993 edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant.

Still speaking further, the actress, who sauntered into Nollywood in 1995, on the set of that monster hit movie titled "Karishika", admitted that the game of love has not been fair to her.

"A lot of people take undue advantage of us as actresses. And because we are actresses, they also feel we are wayward", fires Lopez, who is a History and International Relations undergraduate of Lagos State University.

The second child in a family of six refused to say much about the father of her son and her own father, who is from Brazil. When prodded further, she retorted thus: "My son's father should be around somewhere in Nigeria here. My dad and mum are separated."

How is Lopez doing and what has been happening to her?
(Giggles) Lopez is very, very fine. She's been around acting, travelling and maintaining a low profile indoors

How about the rumour making the rounds that you have abandoned acting for some other businesses?
No! No!! No!!! That is not true; I have not abandoned acting for any other business. You know people speculate a lot in Nollywood. Acting has and will always be my first love. I just feel that every artiste should have some break after working for a long period of time in order to refresh and be able to come back stronger for your fans. Most people don't also know that the recess we went on two years ago changed a lot of things in Nollywood. After that recess, lots of artistes became redundant. Funny enough, during that period I ventured into poultry farming with a friend of mine, and it was really nice. I later found out it was a viable business. It would also interest you to know that I grew up on a farm and that really drew me very closer to nature. In fact, I'm in love with nature and earthly things…