Ekiti: Olugbemi Opens Can Of Worms On Aluko, Alleges He Was Brain Behind The Failed Impeachment Plot Against Fayose

....Says He Is A Political Vulture, Jobber, Scavenger, Parasite And Academic Fraud
By Lere Olayinka
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Former Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon Dele Olugbemi, who brokered peace between Governor Ayodele Fayose and the embattled former Secretary of the PDP in the State, Mr. Temitope Aluko (aka TKO) during the March 8 dramatic truce meeting that dumbfounded the world in Lagos, today opened can of worms in reaction to Aluko's allegation of perfecting the June 21 guber poll rigging in an hotel and alleged diversion of N5.2 billion refund for the rigging.

Olugbemi spoke on Ekiti FM 91.5 Radio station today, challenged Aluko to present himself for a traditional swearing to know who was saying the truth between both of them over the truce meeting. Olugbemi said he has realised ‎that Aluko was a professional and unrepentant blackmailer using blackmail to earn living and that only gullible minds would take anything he has said serious.

"Once someone has turned himself into a political vulture, parasite, scavenger and an unrepentant traitor, there is nothing he cannot deny just to get a pot of porrigde. He is just like a chameleon. He would say yes in the morning, no in the afternoon and a combination of both yes and no in the evening", the ex-Speaker said.

Olugbemi dropped a bombshell when he said that it was Aluko who initiated the failed impeachment plot against Governor Fayose with the APC lawmakers in the last state House of Assembly. His words: "When I was the Speaker of the Ekiti House of Assembly, TKO was the secretary of our party, PDP. I have never seen a traitor like him in my life. He was the one who initiated and facilitated an arrangement with the APC towards using the House to impeach Fayose. He took me to Osun and Lagos for the arrangement.

"I refused to do this and that strained our relationship. But we resumed our relationship shortly after the end of our tenure as Speaker. When I discovered that he was always scheming against the governor and conniving with enemies to impeach him after about one and half year into this government, I decided to call him and advised him against his moves. I told him that in politics, there cannot be permanent enemies but permanent interests. I told him decamping to another party would not help, that as for me, I prefer to stay in PDP and demand for what is mine. " I am so surprised that he could come out to denounce and rubbish with lies, a peace meeting I brokered between him and Governor Fayose.

The CCTV camera has the details of all that we discussed with the governor inside the Eko Hotels. Aluko is a morally challenged, socially unfit and academically bankrupt person,‎ As an Ekitiman, I am totally ashamed of him. He has defaced himself, not Ekiti. "Politics aside, no Ekitiman will subscribe to what he is doing. Even the people he is working for has limit they can tolerate him because whether he likes it or not, he has destroyed himself. Soon, he would sink into oblivion. "But Aluko would deny all these because he has always been a Judas.

As PDP secretary in Ekiti, he was on payroll of the APC for over a year and was working against his own party and towards impeaching the governor. Aluko is a morally challenged, socially unfit and academically bankrupt person. Only somebody like Aluko with no intergrity can go to Adaba FM station to tell all those lies purposely to satisfy his paymasters. "

Aluko, it was who had the ticket for the House of Representative but sold it to his Action Congress of Nigeria opponent, Opeyemi Bamidele to make that one emerge the member of House of Representatives then. ‎ "TKO is just a political jobber. He collects money from anyone and tells them what they want to know. He once went to Accord Party to negotiate. I know many of the people in the opposition that he has been collecting money from. He is a chronic debtor. I'll still mention the names of those people if he continues saying those rubbish he's saying.

"I call him an academic fraud because when he was lecturing with the Ekiti State University, he allegedly got admission for many candidates but they only discovered that he got fake admissions for them after four years when they were supposed to get graduation certificates. He has succeeded in destroying the lives of those people. He was asked to resign from the appointment of the institutions then. "Those innocent military officers Aluko has implicated and made them to lose their jobs and career. Do you think those ones would just fold their arms?

He knows he is in big trouble and that is why he is running from pillar to post. He no longer has electoral value and cannot even win in his ward. "If institutions were strong in this country and if Aluko had been working against the an APC governor and not Fayose, he would have been in detention by now."

Asked if it was fair for Fayose to ditch Aluko after using him to win election, Olugbemi said: "if you were in Fayose's shoes where Aluko who was the secretary of the PDP in the state where Fayose is the head of the party and Aluko took the Speaker of Fayose's government to a secret meeting where there was a plot to impeach the governor. And had also collected a jeep and huge money from a dealer and was also on pay roll of an opposition party plotting to unseat Fayose, would you still fulfill that promise and make Aluko your Chief of Staff?

"I don't know about his agreement with Fayose on the issue of making him the Chief of Staff but I know that Aluko is doing all these he is doing, because the governor did not make him his chief of Staff. " Fayose is a truthful politician and one who keeps his promises however long it takes, but he delights in his loyalists following his instructions to the letter and not work against him."