Alex Sabundu Badeh: The trials moment of the Nigerian General

By Tom Garba, Yola

According to an international advocate of Peace,IY Kwache who stated that the "truth about the truth is that it can not be hiden for too long. In the midst of anger and hatred,peace can still evolve". The above statements is a fact base about the "truth" when justice is been denied to those merited to have it.

The joining of Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, in 1976 by Alex Sabundu Badeh is simply a "Destiny Calling My Name" after his initial plans of him and his Father to go to University of Maiduguri in order to study Medicine but divine purpose and an arrangement by the invisible hands of his creator Sabundu was enrolled in the Defence Academy Kaduna to be a flying lieutenant with an enthusiastic vision to reach to the apex of his Carrier.

After the successful completion of his course in 1978 his mission was accomplished now has the strong enthusiasm to serve the nation which he did meritoriously.

Trials is widely believe to be a normal occurrence to good (Righteous) people,who a times don't even do something bad to attract such kind of a thing, it happens to them while they are doing good or they must have done good, it's a time when they become a good tree with good fruits attracting all kinds of people with big or small stones stoning at that tree (the person) to plug it's ripe or unripe fruits.

The gentleman General From Vimtim has became a victim of situations and circumstances, the four stars general who ordinarily would have resign after 35 years of active service but became the only general that was retired from active service after putting up 38 years 10 months 10 days,that Man must be a genius.

From a Flying lieutenant (1976) to a retired four Star general (2015) as an Air force officer, one Will certainly said only a Man with a resilient spirit and good vision that will get there haven known that the Military adhere to the tenets of discipline and hardwork which are also the ingredients that will make a military Man succeed or fail in his career assignments.

He piloted series of aircraft conveying top government functionaries including heads of states and top dignities on officials assignments locally and internationally. Went through the thickness and thin of been a servant leader in the Air force, prominent among those piloted are the likes of Bill Clinton,former USA President, Mr Kofi Anan the then UN Secretary General,President Olusegun Obasanjo,Vice President Atiku Abubakar, President Goodluck Jonathan to mention few.

From Chief of Air staff (CAS) to Chief of Defence staff (CDS),the soldier Alex Badeh had a successful journey to grow through the ranks of Nigerian Air Force though a political appointment but it equally takes a hard working Military Man with sound integrity,who really have clean records with strong adherence to due process that will be considered for such kind of appointment.

When x-raying the successes and achievements recorded by Alex Badeh during his active service, I realize that he is more of General Philanthropist than a Soldier Philanthropist most especially to the People of Vimtim his kindred,the place he often calls his home.

In 2013 Badeh restored the almost lost Glory of Vimtim, which was experiencing decades of Momuvin (The king of Vimtim) Crisis by the traditional decisions makers of Adamawa state. Being a man with a passionate, love for his community he always sheds tears when he recalls how his people used to share brooks with cows and others domestics animals,look out a way to find a lasting solution to the water problem in the area.

From 1988 to 2009 and as a Young officer Alex Sabundu Badeh always want to utilizes leeway opportunities to advocate for his people as at various times of the order he talked to Jonah Jang the then Military Governor of Gongola and Governor Nyako to provide water for his people but all to no avail.

Fulfilling his good intention to the people of Vimtim, Air Vice Marshal Alex while he was the CAS constructed electrified five boreholes in the village to curtail the water borne that was taken the life of many in the area.

After the problem of potable water was effectively sorted out,Badeh built an earth Dam so that farmers can still plant and harvest even during the dry season.He started a tomato pilot farm for the Youths and they have started harvesting.

He facilitate the settlement of Air force comprehensive Secondary School in Yola, where Young Nigerians will have a fore knowledge about the Nigerian Air force,preparing their minds on the future ahead.

Haven come from Boko Haram risked zone,whose House in Vimtim at the moment is been destroyed by the insurgents,Mr Alex discovered that insurgents are formidable and launching out organised operations,if not find a better way to fight the group they will send a whole of Jimeta,Adamawa state packing haven hijacked 7 LGA of the state. 75 strike group of Nigerian Force in Yola was stocked with modern weapon of war to effectively curtain the operations of the militants

In 2009 Badeh went round all the schools in Mubi Local Government area and found out that the schools are in bad situation. He mobilised and bought furniture for all the schools.

On yearly basis he arrange on getting Corpers who has sciences baground to help young Vimtim talented sciences students to Master their sciences subjects.

He renovated the General Hospital in Mubi that was reduced to a "worse abattoir" and furnished it with 76 beds,76 mattresses, beds sheets,pillows and 10 baby cots for new babies.

Back in his village, Vimtim, his wife's Foundation constructed a well- equipped clinic with a qualified medical Doctor and nurses.

Being a Religion he built a Church for the people of Vimtim,built a Mosque to simply love and unity to all Religion.

For the purpose of unity and love to the Youths of Vimtim,he once brought Kanu Nwanko the Nigeria international footballer to the remote village of Vimtim to ignite their spirit of football.

Alex Badeh extended the same benevolent attitude to Journalist by building a secretarial office to National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) in Yola.

Alex Sabundu Badeh until he retires he strongly worked to see that Boko Haram insurgency is put to a total stand still by liberating the 7 Local Government initially captured by the insurgents in the Northern Part of Adamawa state, Making sure that other areas in Southern Maiduguri are Free from the hands of the militants. They Joy of people from these 7 Local initially at the hands of Boko Haram no knows bound after the liberations of the area announced by Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday the 29th of January 2015. He made the announcement while on official trip to Adamawa State.

Major arrest of Members of the dreaded group by Men of Nigeria armed forces were made, those consider to have hands in planting and detonating many bomb blast in country.

After all these selfless service rendered to this noble great Nationalist, many Nigerians will be having myriads of minds boggling questions over his arrest and detention, owing to the fact that Badeh was not the first CDS/CAS in Nigeria, prior to his arrest Alex Sabundu Badeh Was not a politician but a career driving Man.

One will strongly be convinced that Nigeria is the country that celebrate evil than good, is only in Nigerians that Bad thing is being lifted up and coining a good name out of it, and good thing is being disdained and consider evil.

The Man who probably would have die serving his Father Land,the Man that gave up many things at the expense of the nation corporate existence. Alex Sabundu Badeh has now became a political enemy of some elitist Nigerians.

The hard times facing by this respected General is linked with corruption

charges, accusing him of receiving N3.9
billion as part of $2.1 billion arms
money allegedly diverted by
former National Security Adviser,
Sambo Dasuki.
Another allegation was filled in by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,testified that it recovered $1 million from Mr. Badeh’s apartment, a claim the former defence chief strongly denied.

But Mr. Badeh’s lawyer, Samuel
Zibiri, said the claim was to seek
“media hype”. “My lord, he should argue his case on bail application and avoid

undue media hype. This is an allegation and the applicant has said no $1 million was found in his house,”

At this stage I am greatly confused and I know so many Nigerians out there will be confuse too. Yes i believe the fighting of corruption by this present administration is a welcome idea. But the confusion in my mind bores down to this questikns; Why is it thst the fight is only fighting those in the opposition party or must have serve in the previous government? Are there no people in this administration that were also indicted by EFCC? As at the time of granting bail to Alex Sabundu Badeh there was no any concrete and substantial evidences that the allegations against him are stand to be correct why? Badeh was not the only CDS the country ever had when Boko Haram are attacking Innocent Nigeria where are the rest?

Before the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari fighting corruption was one of the cardinal point of the previous Government as we are all aware that Chief Olussgun Obansajo was the one who introduced Economy and Financial crime commission (EFCC). The anti graft organ that was effectively led by Nuhu Ribadu who did a good Job as it was not fighting a sectional or have selfish fight against individuals or Fighting on Religion basis not even a Fight against the opposition parties it was only a fight against corrupt practices leaders not minding whose ox is goated .

But the present fighting seems to take an opposite direction,the axe of Buhari's anti graft war it has never hewn down those people in his party. Quite number of them were once or full part of the previous government where some of them have faced or still facing one corrupt charges of the order.

One thing I know the smallest "truth " dispels whole lot of thickness clouds darkness no matter how much it tarries or lingers. The fight against corruption should go without fair or favor, as "what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander". The fight should go on without any political line borders or Religion or even sectional if truly we want God to truly intervene in our country's.

If Badeh is found wanting on the basis of true fact (Not blackmailing) should be given an appropriate punishment,but let it be of worthy of note if the fight is only targeted to group of selected individuals, selected political parties, selected part of the country, it is indeed to say our country will never change for good rather its going to change for bad

Written by Tom Garba in Yola, Adamawa state Nigeria

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