We deserve to know: part 1.

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It is pertinent for me to start this piece with a clear statement of this nature. “It's is so bad in the Nigerian federation that its citizens cannot distinguish between its law makers and law breakers, cannot distinguish between the presidency and the president, democracy and autocracy …….” Everything seems to be a sham and in its perverted form.

   Corruption which I view to be an activity that blackmails the consciences of man and steals human's morality has since and from time immemorial bedeviled the activities of governance in Nigeria and we do not know what the future holds for us, we deserve to know. The spirit of nationalism and patriotism answers absent in the roll call of Nigeria's history while corruption and injustice are praised and rewarded for being the first amongst equals to attend all ceremonies and activities of governance in Nigeria. We no longer know who rules, the ruled and who serves and who is to be served. We deserve to know. “Leadership is a call to service, to serve and not to be served” but yet Nigerian political elites are living in mansions while its citizen are wallowing away in poverty living in slumps, paying high for commodities at their backyards, in their own farms and beneath their own soil, still we remain a federation of species waiting to go into extinction.

   Every day we hear the same sermon on the media of returned looted funds, with no feasible economic policies, no physical development in infrastructure and no delivery of essential social amenities but we are prominently distinguished from other countries of the world not as giants of Africa but as the center for corrupt practices and developed institutions of corruption. Where the benefits of these returned looted funds are, are there good road networks linking local roads to States and the federal roads, We Deserve to Know!!

Do we have ministerial activities going on in ministries or pilfering activities?, do we have guardians of the budget or padders of the Budget and for how long do we chant the mantra of diversification as a solution to our self-imposed frustration and as a second acceptable language instead to have feel of its implementation, I think we deserve to know. Is the father of the house ready for governance or tourism we deserve to know, he needs our advice. If adherence to the principles and practice of the rule of law is like one Deeping his hands into burning fire, why practice Democracy!!!

It's been a long walk with Democracy and yet political elites are the “god-Fathers of corruption, injustice takes precedence over justice and the blind can say to the man with vision “follow me and I will show you the way” what then is the Feasibility of the project Democracy!!!!!

  By Ekwebelem Chika
  *young political analyst*
08162809681, 070176298975
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