A Surprise Statement That I Heard

By Kadiri Taiwo

At my mother's town of ode remote town Ogun State Nigeria, A lazy rude girl name EVLIN near my mums house was trying to insult me in directly because she was walking away while saying it, she said to me that I AM A WIFE TO THE NIGERIAN PRESIDENT, To MR JONATHAN..

I Told Her Back in return that she is sick on the HEAD and that her head had hit the FLOOR. I start to ask my self that am I a woman? And that am I a same sex marriage representative as a FIRST LADY OF NIGERIA? Hmmm very funny.

I had wrote to many nigerian pages complaining of what people had been saying about me wrongly at the public. And I make it clear that I have taken no money or contract from the nigerian government on federal on winning a nigerian same sex marriage first lady, in addition I have not b een into illegal drugs activities and I have taken no money from x governor fashola and governor amosun of ogun state nigeria on failed same sex marriage vows,abuse and on winning a same sex marriage, inheritance and adoption.

I have no big money as a man to invest big in my self, so won't it be funny if the nigerian government is holding my inheritance or if I had been chosen as a same sex marriage representative at any time with no notification or offer.... I have not said I am gay and I have not declear to nigerians that I am gay but if a federal government table fix a child to a same sex marriage list, adoption list or on inheritance, MUST THE GOVERNMENT SUFFER SUCH CHILD or to go on a rude process towards a child that had been selected for offers at the future by them?

If any government had insulted me on same sex marriage such government won't escape it on GOD hot punishment and world law justice as you may see what I am saying on this as a fairy tale or prophecy But I know what I am saying, GOD punishment can't answer any apology to stop the punishment from GOD, it may take time and it may come fast on GOD punishment that will be forwarded to men but GOD hands in punishment can't be held back. . .GOD had cursed many things and will we blame him for it?

I have not chosen governor amosun of ogun state nigeria as a marriage partner on a future run on same sex marriage and if I am on a same sex marriage list with nigeria the highest tables should let me know so that I won't be confused or get eating up at the public on blow talks and if President Buhari of Nigeria call me to his office to know some facts then I may answer him, in fact, I may go by land to abuja I am an humble Nigerian that you cant see his duplicate, even if people had SET ME UP on public stories about me I believe a president can figure it out, and finally I have taken no money or offer on adoption process from any owerri town man in nigeria.

Message from KADIRI TAIWO.
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