4 Simple Travel Gadgets for Summer

.....Hitting the road this summer? Then this article is for you!
Source: Jovago.com
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With peak travel season just around the corner, capturing making your life easier should be at the top of your priority list and Jovago.com Africa’s largest hotel booking website lists five of the best travel gadgets for making every journey simpler.

Get amulti-adaptor
If you’ll be moving between countries with different plug configurations, you need to be prepared and a Worldwide Adapter, is the perfect tool. This device reduces the tendency to pack along multiple wires into over-packed suitcases. The adaptors four sliding pins are usually compatible in over 150 countries and can save time in between batter charging sessions.

A great phone
Sometimes, you simply don’t have spare luggage space to tuck a laptop in while on the move, and knowing that there are great handheld devices that can deliver just as much output as a fully-loaded laptop should bring you joy. Except, until, when you are required to type a mail longer than four pages. But if it’s for the little mails, a phone with great camera and workstation facilities are ideal.

Carrying cash in local currency on every trip is very important but it can quickly turn you into a spendaholic. To stay within budget, download an app such as the ExpenseIQ which keeps tabs on your cashflow. Every little expense counts.

Battery-operated Charger
The Instant Cell Phone Charger is that vital gadget which everyone should pack in their bags once they head out the door. The battery-operated device instantly boosts your cellphone life giving you the leeway to take pictures, call family and send emails whenever you need to.