The head of the AU Observer Mission calls on observers to be impartial and objective during the Presidential Election in the Republic of Chad

By African Union Commission (AUC)

The head of the AU Observer Mission has called on his team of observers to exercise professionalism in undertaking the noble task given them by the AU. He urged them to be impartial and objective during the election. “We are not judges but are here to accompany the Republic of Chad throughout the electoral process”, the former Transitional President of Mali emphasized.

Speaking at the orientation ceremony, H.E. Dioncounda Traore thanked the AU for designating him to head the observer mission to the African nation. He expressed satisfaction over the warm reception accorded the AUOEM on its arrival in the country. “It is within the context of African solidarity that the AU dispatched this mission to accompany the country in its democratic process. Lessons learned in this mission will go a long way in assisting the continental body in its quest for the full democratization of the continent”, the mission leader said the orientation ceremony of the observers.

The Observation team, which comprises of 34 observers from 23 different African Countries, arrived in Chad on 6 April 2016.

The observers will be deployed on Saturday, 9 April to 14 of the 22 regions of Chad. The team, subdivided into 15 groups, will be present throughout the process.

In order to achieve its goal of carrying out an independent professional, impartial and objective observation based on transparency, integrity, and fairness, the Mission will meet with relevant stakeholders, including various institutions in charge of elections, political parties, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and communication.