Five Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Shirt


Looking good is good business. Whether you are travelling on a date, leisure or attending a business meeting at Tinapa Resort , the type of shirt you choose to adorn says so much about your style. The quality and versatility of your shirt is also essential. To give you that added boost of confidence at your next meeting,, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal share 5 ways for choosing the perfect travel shirt for any occasion.

Stain Resistant
While hanging out with friends or your partner, you may mistakenly spill wine or oil on your shirt. But if your shirts are not stain resistant, the stain will be conspicuous and can be embarrassing. To prevent the stain from sticking to your cloth use synthetic fabrics which are fairly more stain resistant than cotton shirts which are worse when it come to staying stain free.

When packing for your trip, you should pick neutral colours like blue, grey-white, and black. Neutral colours can easily be paired with any trouser and shoes of your choice. In addition, if you pack brightly colored clothes rather than neutral, dark patches as a result of perspiration from your armpit can form around the underarm area, giving you an unkempt look.

A fit shirt is the best choice for any traveler. However, in your bid to choose a fitted shirt, ensure that it is not too tight but comfortable. This may be risky in the event of an incident as it may easily quicken suffocation. Also, leave out over-sized shirts which are a no-no for any trendy traveler.

Quick dry
Most of the things you engage in on while traveling are mainly fun activities and dry cleaning your clothes is usually not on your to-do list. When handing your clothes to hotel staff for dry cleaning, it’s best to give them clothes that do not take forever to dry. Polyester shirts dry quickly because they soak up less water. So, pack more of polyester shirts, especially if you may get caught up in the rain.

If you want to a pack light and do not want to pay additional fee for your luggage, do well to pack light weight shirts.