My Kidnappers colleced t 2.8m Before they released me, APC famous singer, Rarara.

By Abubakar Haruna Haruna Galadanchi, The Nigerian Voice

The All Progressive Congress’s famous Singer, Dauda Adamu Kahutu also known as Rarara has been kidnapped but released after he paid a ransom of N2.8 million, NIGERIAN VOICE.

Confirming the incident to NIGERIAN VOICE learnt Sunday, Rarara said he was picked by his captors on Thursday at his residence located behind Sahad Store along Zoo road in Kano metropolis.

Rarara explained that his abductors trailed him to his residence around 1am of the fateful Thursday and forced him into his personal car and drove away with him to Tudun-Fulani around Darmanawa quarters in Kano‎.

He said I was about to enter my house when suddenly four young men appeared. One of them slapped me while others pointed guns at me. They forced me into my car and one of them drove the car, the other sat in the front and the remaining two accompanied me in the rear seat. I was put in the middle with my face looking down.

They went round within the city for about 30 minutes to ensure that the car has no tracker or security before they finally headed to Tudun-Fulani quarters. On our way to Tudun-Fulani, they told me that they were hired assassins paid to kill me but if I have some money they can change their mission and I said I have money. I gave them all the money I have N2.8 million. On reaching Tudun-Fulani, they directed me to remove my clothes and lay down on the ground and I obliged. They zoomed off with my car and the money they have collected, he narrated.

He pointed out that his first impression was that the kidnappers were security operatives because he was one time arrested by DSS when he sang the song of ‘Zuwan Mai Malfa Kano’ but when they informed him about their mission he then realized that they were not security men.

The famous singer also told NIGERIAN VOICE learnt that his kidnappers were speaking Hausa fluently and they were between the ages of 30 and 35.

However, he said he suspected an informant among the kidnappers, noting that I suspect that one of them knows me very well because he keeps on manipulating his voice whenever he wanted to speak so that I cannot recognize his voice. Anytime he wanted to speak he will change his voice he speaks with different voices for about four times.

He said he had already reported the matter to police, while calling on his fans to pray for him.

For my kidnappers, I am praying for them to repent and desist from it. I am also calling on my fans to always pray for me,” he concluded.