Two Sides Of A Coin (Wishes and Dreams)

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At age 06:
*She Wishes to live like a princess
In a Fairy tale
And marry Prince Charming
Like Rapunzel and her long Ponytail.
He Wishes to have Super powers
Like in Comics and animations
Flying from sky scrapers and Towers
And surpassing d depth of human inventions.
At age 12:
He Wishes to own every car
Captured on a Magazine.
To become a superstar
The best the World has ever seen.
*She stands in front of a Mirror
Admiring her curves and Figure
"A super Model I Wish to become"
She says to herself with promise and rigor.
At 18:
He wishes to graduate with a Good Degree
And run a Billion dollar company
Going for Holidays around the Globe
And every fortnight, changing his Wardrobe
*She Wishes to marry her Dreamed Spouse
In a grand and Luxurious wedding ceremony
And live in a very Big House
With Grand style in holy Matrimony....
Wishes, Wishes ,Wishes...
the outward expression of our inner desire
Burning slowly in our hearts like a Candle
and gushing out in flames like a Burn-fire.
It is our mirage of a wonderful Life
where Failure and Obstacles are Invisible.
Cutting deep into our Hearts like a sharp Knife
held by a Warrior ;strong and Invincible.
As Lovely as it may seem
its dangers are so Extreme.
For it blindfolds us from Reality
and nurtures in us an illusion of assurance and Certainty.

Holding on to a wish on both knees
Is like diving into a river without swimming skills.

We may end up drowning and say goodbye
Or get rescued by a humble passer-by.
But a DREAM is like a Compass
Always pointing North
Towards our Destiny and purpose
Keeping us on course as we Sail back and Forth.
Dreams have pathways to Fruition
when fueled with Passion and determination.
It is the bedrock of fulfillment and Riches
which is rarely left to chance, unlike Wishes.
It is synonymous with our Aspirations
And like a Telescope, projects our Visions.
With Focus it drives our Motivation
And breaks the Shackles of doubts and Limitations...

At age 40:
He sits on a chair in front of his house
Staring firmly at the Clouds.
With a finger between his teeth
Biting hard like it's difficult to Breathe.
"God why?" He whispers
With Frustration, Regret, and Self-pity.
His Life, like a sore foot with Blisters
Has been a tale of struggle and Mediocrity...
*Beep ,beep, beep...
Sounds the Monitor close to Her bed.
The Nurses fix on her 3rd saline Drip
As she lay down with a Bandage wrapped around her head.

She's become a Wife and Punching Bag
And her frail Integrity slowly Disarming.
Behind her Wishes her life still Lags
Yet to be with her dreamed Prince Charming.
They both failed to draw a Line
To shield their River from the stream
And putting the Blame on LIFE
They arrive at a cross-road between two extreme.
Like a 24-Carat Gold
Wishes are glorious to behold
But it's just a mere Fantasy
Which extends us a courtesy of delight and Ecstasy.

If you truly want to Fly
Think like a bird
But your thoughts might run dry
When it is an Ostrich.