Akah Is At It Again! Watch His Take On Linda Vs Wizkid Beef

By Akah Nnani

Its Akah here and I'm at it again and this time I weigh in on the Linda Ikeji vs. Wizkid beef - which of course had the web buzzing this week.

I'm thinking to myself, when did it become OK for men to go after women in public using such derogatory words and threatening to physically assault them without any repercussion.

Whether or not Linda Ikeji was wrong to have blogged about Wizkid's personal situation, Wizkid's outburst is one that I thought lacked the tact of a celebrity of his stature.

And speaking of celebrity, I thought celebrity stood for something. And not just that, I thought the brands who endorse celebrities, did so because they stand for something. Well, maybe not.

Anyway as you can imagine, this got me slightly riled up and I had a few strong words in this new vlog for Wizkid and the other fellow flashing the confederate flag.

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