Four Teenagers Of White Plain British School Rattle The Global Market With New Innovations

By Alex Reports

Following a workshop held at White Plains British School recently, four teenage boys between the ages of 12 and 13 years from the school invented and developed technological materials and applications that will aid government and the general public in getting things done with less labour and more efficiency.

Emmmanuel Ode ‎, Daniel Ishaku, Joshua Nwafor and Elijah Abang added feather to the already feathered cap of White Plain British School when they displayed their discoveries of Surveillance Drone, Online Store, Online Crossword Puzzle and a social networking site at the end the workshop study, an open service initiative for kids to learn complex software and hardware devices with little or no skill.

These inventions like the Surveillance Drone is remote controlled with camera which resists friction. It can be useful for the military or security agencies. The Online Store produced by the head group of diamond unit Daniel Ishaku and Elijah Abeng sells virtual products. E-commence store ; where one can get ebooks is a new time global market compititor to Konga, Jumai etc. All the 20 books currently available in the online store has resale rights. They also designed an android application. The third invention called Online Crossword Puzzle helps kids develop spelling and vocabulary skills.

The kids hopes to partner with Google and Apple to have it as a mobile application and available on Play Store. Another laudable online creativity is setting up of a social networking site refered as which is currently available for android applications and in goggle play store. The young boys also built an online game called which is been coverted to Android application.

Speaking to the cross section of journalists who were around for the press presentation of these new inventions, the advisory b‎oard director, Dr. Francis describes it as milestone for the school. He said White Plains British School which is known for excellence and hardwork. The school which helps the children to achieve their dreams was also recently honoured with a United Nation Award.

Some of the parents who were present during the display of the Surveillance Drone‎ commended the both instructor and the school for their guidance and discipline towards the children and their practicals. The workshop which produces experts in different fields is in phases as this is open to recruit more kids from all over west Africa. The workship of White Plains British School in Abuja is targeting about 500 kids that would be exposed to this initiative.

One of the parents of the Kids Mrs Felicia describes the school one of the as Best educationally and religious‎ly. She commended it for creating opportunity and initiative to bring out talents in young children while calling on the Ministry of science and Technology take up this challenge to bring out the best for the country.