Hailers And Wailers: When Gullibility And Impunity Set To Derail Nigeria 

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The present socio-political climate in Nigeria is replete with intense polarity, bordering on religion and ethnic underpinnings. No one is querying political affiliations or preference. Problem however is the extent of impunity and gullibility among Nigerians in passing judgment and or taking position of an advocate on issues or policies of national import.

The 2015 election failed to do Nigeria under as expected but it has sorely affected our ethno-religious tolerance. It has further the exit of brotherhood, damaged the concept of collective aspiration, and emulsified the idea of peace and love among Nigerians. The political balkanization, constant victimizations and unyielding forces of hate have continued to erode the feeling of one Nigeria.

I cannot exhaust on the need for Nigerians to eschew bitterness and hate campaign along ethno-religious divides. The malignant ailment along cleavages ravages the nation like cancerous cell. Therefore, taking up camp for or against a person or an institution only distracts the present administration. It is indeed instructive to intimate that once we stop all the noise, embark on constructive critical opinion, Buhari led administration will gain speed.

Therefore, those who have pitched tents for President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) and former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) have only showed how myopic they are in the affairs of growing a nation. These people create their own illusionary world where only their infantile underpinnings are of material worth for baseless arguments.

How can we grow a viable Nigeria when we have a fertile political ground to exhibit our hatred against each other? It has become crystal clear we cannot see anything good at the other side of the fence. We must avoid segregating Nigeria along “Buhari and Jonathan race”. The implication will definitely be grave. It will diminish the humanity in us, escalate hate and destroy our nationhood.

The divide is always between those for Jonathan and those for Buhari. Suddenly, nobody is on the side of Nigeria. The two struggling divides quickly forget that no region can politically govern the others without collaboration. Buhari became president functions effort of Christians and Muslims. Buhari's success or failure will therefore affect everybody regardless of cleavage.

Addressing issues of bad policy within the present “change helpers” has nothing to do with Buhari. Our problem as a country is sycophancy, gullibility and sentiments geared towards hate. Almost a year after the Buhari led administration took off, power generation hugged the floor at 0.00 megawatts, fuel scarcity at its abysmal peak. With the inherited dwindling fortunes of the crude, horrible exchange rate of between the Dollar and the Naira, Nigerians are faced with the worst economic situation in recent time.

Our president cannot be everywhere – regardless he is minister of petroleum, that is why ministries, MDAs, parastatals must work to sustain the economy. therefore, chiding the minister of power and the minister of petroleum helps a great deal in keeping them in check. A situation where the gullibility in most of us override sense of discretion and commitment to nationhood, we give them reasons to pass blames and do nothing.

We must be positive minded in our contributions. We must take a stand to avoid finding ourselves bugged down with self afflicted impunity which leads us to a sloppy road of gullibility. We must know when to “hail” and when to “wail”. The worst thing to happen to us is to be emotionally attached to one. Already, ministers who should be sober for doing little are passing the blame shamelessly on hapless Nigerians for their failings!

We must remember that at one time the ruling party thought subsidy was a fraud. They took it off, now its back. At one time six months was enough to stabilize power, now its past 10 months and megawatts hit rock bottom. Definitely someone somewhere must be held accountable. Why are we unleashing impunity on ourselves? Wasn't that what the immediate past government did and was shown the exit?

For those under the classification of “wailers” who are deceitfully engineering a renewed call for the Republic of Biafra, I hope they know it's a scam spearheaded by Nnamdi Kanu to make money and at the same time distract Buhari. He is not fully committed to it. Just like George Orwell's “Sugar Candy Mountain” his republic of Biafra agitation is only a dream. I guess we must have learnt from his recent plea to Britain under antics of citizenship is instructive enough to tell of his senile sycophancy.

For those under the classification of “hailers” claiming to operate under the code; “I Stand by Buhar”, they almost succeeded in taking off a chunk of credibility value away from his political pedigree. Their position alone suggests the president is loosing support. Good thing, the presidency distanced itself from them.

It's a year since former President Goodluck Jonathan made a historic phone call to President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) congratulating him as winner of the 2015 presidential election. Jonathan could choose to play the “usual” card deceitfully with heavy negative implication on the corporate existence of the country. Interestingly, a  lot of people would have died, yet some people have managed to forget about a day we nearly lost all as a country?

Instead some Nigerians chose to remember infamous Orubebe display of shame. Perhaps the “Orubebe” day was coined out to obliterate the only wise thing Jonathan did for himself and the corporate value of Nigeria's existence. We must ask ourselves how long will these rattling's between PMB and GEJ supporters go on at the expense of our national aspirations?

It is therefore instructive to intimate that “Buhari” should not replace the institution called “government”. Once we realize that every ministry, parastatal, MDA's must account for their service, then we can effectively wean ourselves of these infantile demarcation between those who “hail” for nothing and those who “wail” for nothing.

Written by Israel A. Ebije.
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