TRANSPark Improves Safety And Security On Africa’s Roads

By IRU Communications

IRU’s TRANSPark app has been upgraded to add new functions that make it even more useable and indispensible than ever. IRU continues working with key regional players to make sure important content is added.

IRU’s TRANSPark app has been upgraded to provide even more services to drivers and managers in Africa. With truck stops of varying quality, separated by vast distances, and with security a challenge in many areas, knowing where to find a secure parking area is as important in Africa as it is anywhere in the world.

IRU has added new key data, such as border posts, police checkpoints, weighbridges, and roadside wellness clinics. This information will help drivers better plan their routes and will enable them to access key health & wellness services, such as tests for malaria or obtain condoms.

William Petty, who leads IRU’s work in Africa said “In most of sub-Saharan Africa, at least 95% of the surface movement of goods is undertaken by road. So there is a huge and ever-increasing demand for professional trucking services.”

IRU is working with key regional players FESARTA & SADC to develop standards for truck stops, to accredit truck stops that meet certain security and comfort standards, and to add them to TRANSPark.

Will Petty concluded, “Road infrastructure in Africa is steadily improving, and many truck stops are already providing services on a par with anything you would find in Europe, for example, so we are really proud to work with governments and regional economic communities to help develop quality infrastructure that meets and even exceeds global standards.”