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Five tips to Get the Best out of Dropbox


Five tips to Get the Best out of Dropbox
DropBox is a cloud storage service that helps users sync documents, music, pictures and photos. The interesting thing about Dropbox is that you can view your documents regardless of the device you are using. Dropbox offers 2GB free but if you want more storage capacity, you have to pay. For those that use Dropbox, it is one of the most widely used cloud storage in the world. In order to get the best out of it, there are some tips you can adopt., Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal outline some of these tips.

Get more free storage space
If you are among the 100 million users of Dropbox, you will welcome the idea to get more free space. This is very simple. You can get an extra 500MB for referring a friend to the service. In addition, you will get 125MB for tweeting your love for Dropbox. The more you refer a friend and tweet @Dropbox or @DropboxSupport.

Easily share large Files and Folders with your friends

If you want to send large files with your email, it will notify you that the files are too large. It will offer you the alternative of using Dropbox to send the files no matter how big it may be. You can send your large files using Dropbox via email. There is now Dropbox for Gmail. You will need the Dropbox for Gmail extension which you can download.

Dropbox as delivery system for sales
Organizations can use Dropbox to transact businesses and make delivery without actually meeting the buyer. Some of the services this applies to are Mp3 and Mp4 files, images, and ebooks. After receiving payment for any of the aforementioned services, you will send the Dropbox link of the Mp3 file or ebook to the buyer. They can download the file using the link which is unique to them.

Host your blog on Dropbox
If you do not fancy using either Blogspot or WordPress in your domain name or you are cash strapped to buy a one, you can use Dropbox to temporarily host your website. You can create and design a fast and fairly good website with which you can synchronise with Dropbox.

Sync your iTunes library
For music lovers, you can sync the songs in your iTunes library with Dropbox. This will allow you access your songs anywhere and on any device. To make this possible, you should copy or move your iTunes folder to your Dropbox.