4 Signs You Are A Difficult Hotel Guest

Source: Jovago.com

You may know how to ask hotel staff for things, how much to tip, how to book, when to push your cause and when definitely not to, but while these are key things that are supposed to mark you out as a good guest, there is a chance that when you look around at all faces in the hotel, you find that everyone around has an unhappy expression aimed in your direction. This may be due to an unconsciously misspoken word or wrong body language but the good thing is that you can turn the tide in your favour.

To help get your act together, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site share 4 signs that show you are a difficult lodger.

The hotel staff avoids you
If the front desk officer always puts you on hold or the hotel staff is never enthusiastic about completing your requests, it is sure-fire sign that you are a difficult staff. No matter how ill-trained the hotel staff is, one thing they never fail to do is meet the demands of the lodger, so if they avoid that you, the lodger or completely flaunt your requests without much apologies, it is usually because the you are quite difficult to please, you are unreasonable and they are tired of being hounded by him.

You are always complaining about compensation

Nobody loves a complainer, especially not the hotel staff. If you complain and raise your voice at about almost everyone and everything- from room service to state of amenities, and you rant about compensations due to you, you certainly are on your way to the hotel’s black book. Rather than scream out loud and seek atte`ntion, just ask whom you should speak with to have any problem solved.

While everyone loves freebies, the desire and demand for them at the moment can be a huge problem. Continually demanding for free bits from the hotel is a sure way of getting yourself being marked out as difficult.

You break rules and never tip
Every traveller understands the importance of tipping as though life depends on it. However, the most difficult of lodgers are the types who never tip! No matter the number of errands run by the local junior stuff in the hotel they never gift them or appreciate them .They do not understand why they need to tip these workers when they have paid a fee for their services. As a result, they fail to get favors from these staff. Also, they refuse to follow the basic rules laid down by the hotel . For instance, they smoke in rooms with signs that indicate that smoking is prohibited.

You get a formal notice to leave
This is the most tangible sign. Most lodgers believe that the moment they pay for a hotel, they cannot be asked/forced to leave or be evicted. They start to misbehave and do things that are not just detrimental to him but the hotel as well. Unfortunately for these breed of people, they eventually get served a formal (although pleasantly worded) letter asking them to leave the hotel, refunds for their lodge made to them accordingly.