6 Ways To Prepare For The Rainy Season In Lagos

Source: Jovago.com

As much as Lagosians have been looking forward to the rainy season, waiting for it to commence in full swing as it would reduce the heat that has made some inhabitants of the city uncomfortable since the new year, they are not oblivious to the fact that the rain would also come with new challenges that can make the period almost as equally daunting as the heat. Fortunately, the wet season can be amazing once you are prepared for its peculiarities.

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Invest in durable rainy season gear
There are certain gears that are built to protect you from the rain. From the umbrella and raincoat to wellies and waterproof shoes, these gears decrease your chances of being traumatized by the unpredictable weather.

The thing about rain-protective clothing is that they can be a bit bulky but a good way to tackle that is to purchase pocket or handbag-sized materials such as mini-umbrella or shower cap for women who have hair to protect. You also have to make sure these gears are or good quality and will not give way with the first gust of wind or pellet of rain.

Install your mosquito nets
With the rainy season comes the mosquitoes. Most residents in Lagos are plagued with these insects as the rainy season is a major cause of water puddles across the city. These puddles form breeding grounds for the female Anopheles breed of mosquitoes which transmit the awful malaria parasite.

To protect yourself from getting infected and falling sick, ensure you install mosquito nets around your sleeping areas. Also, invest in insecticide sprays and mosquito coils. “Sniper” is a product that most Lagosians use as it is very effective in warding off mosquitoes.

Stock up on Vitamin Cs
While there is no tangible proof that Vitamin C is a strong protection or cure for the common cold, it is good to stock up your medicine cabinet with the supplements.

The rainy season comes with it cold and as such flu and fever. Vitamin C, if nothing else, is a huge immune system booster and can increase your antibodies’ abilities to repulse and tackle the cold virus faster. If you do not want to take the supplement as pills, endeavor to stock up on freshly squeezed juice and fruits as well.

Replace your windshield wipers and check your car battery

For those who are mobile and would definitely have to drive under the rain, ensure you check and tighten your windshield wipers or at best, replace them as the heat and dust from the dry season breaks down the rubber and makes it not suitable for the rainy season.

Check your battery to ensure that it is fit to survive the pools of water you may have to drive through. A weak battery can cause your car to die off, thus leading to more damage and extra costs that may come from towing.

Get your roof ready for the rains
The first thing to do before the rain starts is to inspect your roof twice to look for cracks along the ridge as well as where your shingles fold over to form the cap to ensure that you do not have any missing, loose or curled shingles.

Also, inspect the valleys of the roof to make sure the sheet metal flashing does not have any holes or rusty spots. In cases where there are things that need to be fixed, fix them or replace them to avoid moisture leaks inside your home that can weaken your wall, ceilings and cause more expensive damages.

Unclog your gutters
Flooding is a high risk associated with the rainy season and this is usually fostered by the lack of a proper drainage system or clogged gutters.

Before the rain season starts with full force, inspect your gutters to make sure that they drain properly and that they do not cause water to back up. Also, ensure that you do not have any down pipe clogs. If you do not have any gutters at all, you may want to build one before the rains start as well.