Oil Scarcity Had Handcuffs Nigeria Again

By Usman Mohammed

The oil scarcity that handcuff Nigerian's and refuse to release us despite the Federal Government intervention. It is only divine intervention that will safe us and our economic.

It is very disheartening that a litre of Petroleum is being sold at a price that doubles or triples government fixed price and the price of goods and services have risen and are still rising. Masses are crying but their voices seem to be unheared.

While I don't give any excuse to marketers, I also

smell a rat. There is a possibility that the corrupt

officials who are being attacked by Buhari's anti

corruption measures are now strategically
fighting back. They mercilessly and intentionally
caused the scarcity just to dent and paint black President Muhammadu Buhari's

Administration and to punish Nigerians because
of dancing the tone of change.
But for how long will Nigerians continue to
suffer from this menace?
Buhari is a kind of a Man who have
masses at heart. He doesn't tolerate nonsense.
So why the problem persisting? Is the problem
beyond Buhari's power?
Nigerians have elected Buhari based on his
campaign promises and passed reputation. I am
sure oil scarcity was not among the promises
Buhari made before election. Why the problem
I am sure the problem hurts Buhari's as it did to

every good Nigerian, But only if the filling stations

in Aso Villa are selling oil N500/per litre.
The problem has eatent up and rottens the
economic veins of the masses and is now
drifting to a destructive level.
The great Buhari, why don't you decend on all
stakeholders in oil sector and tell them enough
of this filthy game?
Why don't you impose
state of emergency on oil sector? Why?....Why?
There is no doubt that President Buhari is a good man and will remain

so in our sight, but only if the welfare of masses
was not compromised.
I may sound stubbon, but all I do is to remind
President Buhari and all stakeholders in oil
sector of their responsibility upon which they will

be questioned in the hereafter.
I hope and pray that masses will succeed at
the end and the administration of Muhammadu Buhari
will be praised. By the special grace of God Nigeria will be great

again under Buhari's administration. May God
bless Nigeria.
Usman Mohammed.
Department of Mass Communication,
IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.

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