The message of Easter is Sacrifice

Easter Sunday Message from Senator Stella Oduah
By Stella Oduah PRESS

May the Risen Jesus bring comfort and meaning to those who have given much sacrifice--especially the victims of Insurgency in the North East, Middle Belt and every other region that has been affected one way or the other; those who have been displaced; the children, elderly and the homeless in IDP camps; the innocent in prisons; victims of injustice and neglect; and to my constituents in Anambra North Senatorial District who are experiencing one form of hardships or the other due to the economic situation of the country--may the message of salvation provide us enough strength to build a society that is mindful of the greater good.

In the midst of trials faced by our great nation Nigeria, let the Resurrection of Christ be a constant reminder to everyone that there will be a tangible victory over poverty, insurgency, economic meltdown, misuse of mineral and natural resources in this Nation.

Let us all join hands and work with our leaders to restore hope that will help the country rise and become better.

Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for the justification of mankind, we need to come together and live in peace, for the sake of our country.

Let this elation of Christ's Resurrection fill up our hearts with optimism and determination -because that same power that raised Jesus from the dead, will bring this Giant of Africa back to her feet again.

God bless Nigeria
Happy Easter from Senator Stella Oduah – Anambara North