Senator Abe Is Still An Advocate Of Non-Violence

By Abe Media Aide

The attention of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe's Media Committee has been drawn to comments and insinuations on a statement credited to Senator Abe imploring his supporters to defend themselves against attack by PDP thugs.

The committee wishes to state that the statement does not in any way suggest a shift in non-violent posture of Senator Abe but rather it is in line with the law, which gives citizens right to self defense and use of reasonable force to protect their property.

It is pertinent to state that Abe made this statement based on the inability of the law enforcement agents to protect APC members and supporters against the violence of PDP thugs.

We are aware that in all the cases of killings, maiming and destruction of property, the law enforcement agents have made no serious efforts to investigate, apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators.

More so, PDP has reorganized, reinforced, funded and revamped cult and criminal groups in the district with sophisticated assault rifles, dynamites and bombs to harm and intimidate supporters of Senator Abe, who are in the majority.

The PDP leaders and thugs are merciless, lack understanding and are not considerate that these people they have been attacking but have not been retaliating are human beings.

In spite of this, the aggressors have remained conscienceless and emboldened by the non retaliation of our people to scare and make them apolitical.

No responsible leader remains insensitive to his people and supporters plight. Senator Abe cannot be an exception. Even as he advised for self defense, as a law abiding citizen, he did so in compliant to the law.

To buttress the fact that Senator Abe has not shifted posture as advocate of non-violence, he even welcomed Governor Nyesom Wike to his senatorial district whenever he and his team would come to campaign and advised his supporters not to harass, stop or intimidate them.

Abe still remains whom he is when he even appealed to Wike to caution his supporters not to destroy APC billboards and attack APC members and supporters.

This statement shows a man who believes in the democratic tenets of tolerance, fair play, understanding and dialogue unlike the present crop of PDP leaders whose stock in trade is hooliganism and brigandry.

The committee is of the view that persons like Mr. Felix Obuah, Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) should not comment on issues of decent politics as what he has done to his people in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area can only be forgiven by God and not man, and will haunt him forever.

We wonder why Obuah should say that Senator Abe should be arrested and prosecuted for a harmless comment calling on his supporters to defend themselves.

The comment did not in any way enjoin them to attack PDP supporters. So,where is the basis to arrest and prosecute Senator Abe?

Mr. Obuah does not understand what democracy is all about as can be exemplified in what is happening in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA.

It is wrong for Obuah to allege that Senator Abe is a desperate politician as Abe willfully conceded his senatorial ambition to Lee Maeba in 2007 as well as his governorship ambition to Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside in 2015, in compliance to party leadership decision, without making a fuss.

We call on the media to remain objective as the fourth estate of the realm and the watchdog of the society in their reportage of the rerun election crisis.

Spokesperson to Sen. Magnus Ngei Abe
March 25, 2016