Easter: Catholic Bishop Facilitate The Release Of 29 Prisoners In Yola

By Tom Garba

The Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese, Dr Dame Mamza has today facilitate the release of 29 inmates in Jimeta Prisons.

He Said the 29 prisoners released are those with an option of fine but couldn't afford to pay because of financial constraints.

"Is unfortunate this prisoners are here because of little amount of money would have set them free, at this easter we the Catholic missions through the instructions of our most holy Pope Francis said and declared that this year is to be a year of mercy." He said

"The 29 of them were cut across the two most dominant religion, symbolising the love of Christ to all nations and race". He added

Dame also call on all well meaning Nigerians to begin the exploitation of Nigerian persons as there good Nigerians who innocently were taken to prison without anybody to fight for their release.

Adjudging that prisoners are not the worst sinners,some of them are their because of offence the do not commit, and even if they commit any crime The can be repented and fit in better in the society.

The Bishop is doing this kind of gesture for the second time in Yola as part of their effort to integrate and rehabilitate prisoners back to normal life.