I see vendetta and I fear for Ibinabo- Gloria Anozie-Young

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Tinsel actress, model and musician, Sefiya Ibrahim has not been shy to say that she has not arrived yet in her pursuit for greatness as she works hard to become a better entertainer in the country. She has revealed that she considers herself a reincarnation of the Greek goddess, Venus.

The singer once said that her job is to record songs, go for performances and interviews and she is not the type of girl that is seen everywhere. Born on the 27th of September in Kano, Safiya started off her career in the entertainment industry as a model at the age of 16, then went on into acting, booking gigs in Tinsel in 2011 among others. After briefly debuting in the music industry as a video vixen, Safiya finally decided she wanted to be a singer.

Sefiya reveals “We have that one person in our life who knows how to make us melt emotionally. What such people do is they seem to possess the ability to press a button and literally we melt.

With that line of thought, I decided to put together the song Mumu button. I cannot categorically say I am a [email protected] symbol, it's all about how fans perceive you. But if they have been saying that, what can I say differently? Sefiya is a reincarnation of the sexy goddess, Venus.”