Ibinabo, Segun Arinze, Others Must Beg me or I Jail Them…Emeka Ike

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Earlier in the week, a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos struck out the Actors Guild of Nigeria's Board of Trustees and Ibinabo Fiberesima's suit over the President sit of the Actors Guild of Nigeria while reinstating Emeka Ike as the rightful President of the Guild.

This is good news for the actor who has since went on leave in acting but what he is not comfortable with is that Ibinabo and her executives have refused to come and beg the actor.

Emeka stated that Ibinabo might be serving her jail term for an offense she committed but might likely go to jail the second term if she does not come to beg him as her executives keep going to the press to write negative things about him.

According to him while speaking with Punch, “My victory at the court has nothing to do with Ibinabo's predicament. This case is different and if Ibinabo is going to go to jail for my own case, they should come and beg me. Instead of them to come and beg me, they are still going to the press to say all sorts of rubbish about me. There is still a second jail term for Ibinabo. It is called contempt of court and it would also include Segun Arinze. People have threatened to kill me but I am not scared of them.

“I am waiting for them and I would look them in the face and tell them that they are evil and I am righteous. I did not take the issue to the police but straight to the court and I am happy that justice has been served. Anyone that ties Ibinabo's plight to my victory is only trying to blackmail me and I know they would not stop blackmailing me. How can anyone say that I sent Ibinabo to jail? Am I the Giwa family or the government?”