#ColdGold Tips - 3 Things To Do This Easter Weekend

By ID Africa
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The next best thing after Nigerian Jollof is holidays, and if you’re one of the many with 9–5 jobs, you’ll appreciate them. That’s why we’re really excited about the Easter holiday. With two work-free days plus the weekend, nothing could be ‘bae-er’.

So, what to do with all the free time, apart from ‘Netflixing and chilling’, which if you agree, is fun, but still kind of basic.

Here are 3 really cool things you should do this weekend:

Thank Judas

Judas' reaction when Jesus, during the Last Supper, said someone at this table would betray him. pic.twitter.com/5kHC2bDqyb

— Jordan Kranda (@JordanKranda) March 23, 2016

Yes, you read that right. Close your eyes, and whisper ‘Thank you Judas’, because he’s the only reason you have this holiday in the first place. If he hadn’t gone and kissed betrayed Jesus, there wouldn’t be Easter... technically.

Get Your ‘Fleek’ On
There shall be no fun if you aren’t looking good. So, if you are a guy, then you need to get a haircut and whatever else helps you look yummy. And if you’re a lady, you need to fix all that needs fixing because no one wants to play with an ugly girl or messy boy.

Turn Up At Gidi Fest
It’s the biggest event happening in Lagos this Easter, and you don’t want to be at home dulling while the whole of Gidi is having fun. Plus there are advantages to going...

  1. i) You get to mingle with fun people while enjoying great live music performances and cool games.
  2. ii) You get to enjoy American Honey whiskey and who knows, maybe find yourself a bae or meet a few special ‘Hunnies’.