Brussels Bombing Is Like ‘world Cup’ Victory For Jihadists


The citizens of the World have suddenly come to the realisation that nowhere is immune from the dare devilry of the armed Islamists bent on unleashing blood cuddling violence to the most peaceful and indeed the safest political entities such as central Europe.

Osama Bin Laden is credited with organising some of the most brutal attacks against free and peaceful nations of the World when he single handedly sent several suicide bombers who hit the heart of the United States of America with the bombing of World Trade Center in Washington DC and came within few meters of a successful attack of Pentagon the World’s most protected military institutions. Then President George Bush and his Vice Mr Dick Cheney were hurriedly evacuated from the White House to a safe haven.

But the attacks that took place in Paris France and Brussels in Belgium very close to the European Union’s office and European Parliament have taken the activities of these organised mass murderers some notches further more than what the ultimate founder of Islamic Jihad-the Yemeni born but Saudi Arabian naturalised citizen Osama Bin Laden the founder of al Queada.

With emerging security information that the attacks in France and Belgium were the handiwork of one terror cell operating from the heart of Europe in Belgium with allegiance to the murderous Islamic terror group known as Islamic State, it is now clear that these armed JIHADISTS are now in joyful mood just like winners of the prestigious World Cup.

The gruesome killings of nearly two hundred Europeans in France and Belgium is the culmination of series of coordinated high profile plots by terrorists to strike fear into the hearts and minds of Europeans in line with the ultimate goal of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria whose hierarchies had boasted previously that they would despatch thousands of die hard suicide bombers and JIHADISTS to hit Europe and strike maximum fears and apprehension on the hearts and minds of the ordinary European on the street in such Central European nations that were hitherto seen as safest places in the World. A particular terrorism mastermind from the Middle East was quoted as claiming that the ambition of armed Islamic terrorists is to be able to strike in the cities of Europe until such a time that Europeans will live in perpetual fears of Moslems. When the Syrian refugees flooded Europe from Turkey and Greece many experts raised alarm that indeed Europe would come under series of terror attacks because most of those who masqueraded as refugees from Iraq and Syria and melted into several European cities are indeed hard core terrorists trained by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and deployed into Europe to wreck maximum havoc and devastation. The German Chancellor who welcomed these Syrian refugees with open hands recently suffered political setbacks when a nationalist party won majority of local council seats. The Nationalist parties in France which opposes liberal migration is increasingly becoming popular amongst French voters and pundits are predicting victory for this party should the nation wide council polls be conducted now. Terrorists have indeed struck fear into the hearts and minds of Europeans with these series of murderous attacks in France and now Brussels in Belgium. France, Britain and virtually the entire European continent are on the highest state of terror alerts particularly when the Islamic State has claimed that there are over 7,000 suicide bombers on the loose in the streets of Europe. The British Guardian is reporting that authorities say they have found an explosive device and chemicals during search for man seen at Zaventem airport before attacks.

A massive manhunt is under way in Belgium as police search for a suspected terrorist believed to have escaped the Brussels bombings after the explosives he was carrying did not detonate, The Guardian reported.

But these attacks will reverberate in far away United States of America whereby Presidential election campaigns are ongoing. The Republican Party is looking increasingly as being prepared to let Mr Donald Trump the Billionaire Businessman to fly the party flag in the election following his rising popularity amongst Americans who approved his hardline stance against Islamic terrorism. Trump has even suggested a moratorium and suspension of issuance of entry documents to Moslems. Indeed he has called for the expulsion of Moslems from the American soil because he believed that the ideologies of fundamentalist Moslems was diametrically opposed to the United States constitution. With these attacks in Europe the popularity of Donald Trump has soared and if care isn’t taken he could emerge the next President of the United States because the Americans are fed up with establishment candidates such as Hillary Clinton and are seeking for an outsider like Donald Trump who has told them what they want to hear particularly his strange panacea to terrorism which he advocated should include the elimination a tion of both the terror suspects and their families.

Written by Emmanuel Onwubiko is Head of Human rights Writers association of Nigeria.

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