The World Remain Booming When We Die

By Usman Mohammed
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What happens to our world in which we belong right now, when we die,

this has been what we sometimes failed to ask ourselves. Do we ever

thought about it at all, Ah! Do we ever think about how we are going

to leave all our precious belongings behind us?

Do we ever think
about how the world would have no choice but to say bye-bye to us by

obeying the will of Allah? Do we also ever think about how our fleets

of cars, our expensive habiliments, good apparel and all the garments

that make you distinctive from another human beings and how you are to

leave them all behind you only because God said "every souls shall

taste death" and you shall certainly departs from this world.

Could you ever asked yourself this questions; who are you, who am I?

This is the particular question you need to ask yourself, it is but

necessary to remember this every time you wake up. "Who am I"? You are

a God creation, you are your father's daughter/son, you are your

mother's daughter/son. Place upon your shoulders the existence and the

responsibility to glorify the name of your Lord the most highest. And

made you in order that you might served him and him alone and also

stand as his vicegerent on the earth and dispersed his message and his

signs and warnings to the entirety of the world. But the question is

how much do you ever fulfilled these responsibilities shoveled upon

your shoulders?
You should know something "that is WISELY and Qur'anic said "that your

existence means nothing to the God if you failed to heed the words of

God and act in righteousness, faith in your words, showing of

kindness, honesty, caring and compassion. Putting yourself farthest

away from the ways of the people of the book (Unbelievers).

What has taking a hard -headedness got to do with a spirit of

immortality? What are your spiritual contributions to the world that

you think you deserve a second chance? or that you will never die. Do

you ever think you are beautiful, handsome, elegant, intelligent,

filled with wisdoms, knowledgeable, individual, independents in this

world or do you ever think the world would never come to an end after

God has promised and ordained that it shall come to pass. So if you

ever think of such think having those conceptualism of life, so the

good news is, you are not in the right course of thinking but rather

thinking abruptly ridiculous and nonsensically. Because God never look

at the stature of your being but the statue of the purity of the

hearth and mind as well as the cleansiness of your souls.

Can you take a look at the environment in which you belong and cart

out the wisdoms behind what your eyes sees. When we die, we die with

almost everything, except, some few of things...We die with our

history, our presence and the future, we die with our over-pompous

life leaving us with the sacred deeds promised to serve as a light

penetrating from the heaven to the grave.
The essence of life is to obey the one true God, submitted to him in

worshipped, praised him with the best of praise, glorify him in utmost

respect and glorification. Following the message of the Prophet

Muhammad (SAW) without any resistance, his deeds should be imitate and

his saying shall be heeded and dispersed to every community.

God save us from the punishment of the grave, grant us our hearth

desires, gives us the best in this life and in the next, purified our

hearth and do not ever let us go astray from the straight path.

Usman Mohammed.
Mass Communication Department,
IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.

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