Sex: Poor lifestyle, diseases cause men's low libido

By The Citizen

Poor lifestyle, injuries and diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, have been identified as causes of low libido among men.

According to Dr Narasimhan Subramanian, Senior Consultant Urologist at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Delhi, India, poor libido also known as erectile dysfunction (ED), is common becauseĀ  most men lack adequate flow of blood to their organs.

Subramanian, who spoke at a training organised by Diamond Helix Health Support Ltd for physicians in Lagos, said poor lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking and fatigue/chronic stress, impact on a man's sex drive.

'The inability of men to achieve and maintain a normal erection adequate for penetration implies erectile dysfunction. Similarly, a delay in achieving erection or an inability to maintain an erection also implies ED. ED may occur under various circumstances, ranging from spinal injuries, neurological and psychological dysfunction, also unidentifiable cause is often common,'he said.

Some extreme symptoms of ED, he said, were loss of erection, acute psychological distress and gradual loss of desire for sex.

Subramanian said it was more frequent in diabetics and in those with cardio vascular diseases, hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. The effect on the nerves and on the blood vessels leading to poor blood flow seems to be the primary reason.

He said in the country, plants and herbs have served as sources of medicines for the treatment of chronic ED among the poor but this may not be sufficient.

Subramanian said various plant products and herbal medications have reportedly produced good results but there are no controlled studies comparing those with established allopathic medicines.

To obtain impressive treatment, Subramanian advised men to seek qualified healthcare practitioners who would do an assessment of their blood sugar, cardiovascular health and measurement of hormones, such testosterone and prolactin.

'Besides, a psychological evaluation will often benefit those who suffer from performance anxiety while depression is often seen as an accompanying factor of ED in many people. A detailed evaluation of one's medication is also important. Smoking and excessive drinking are known to have significant adverse impact on ED, so it is good to avoid them altogether and embrace a holistic lifestyle,' he said. The Nation.