Abuja, Nigeria becomes Uber’s 400th city to launch

By Uber

Today, Abuja becomes the 400th city to in Uber's growing global network. With the launch of Uber (www.Uber.com), an innovative technology platform, Abuja joins the list of smart transportation hubs in Africa. Following the success of Uber in many other cities, Uber is excited to launch its ride-sharing platform to the people of Abuja.

Uber Abuja

Uber's innovative platform connects drivers with riders in real time, at the touch of a button. Whether you're going to work or going out with friends, Uber provides an affordable, safe and reliable way to get across the city. Abuja is a place where entrepreneurs are born, it is a growing city in the heart of Nigeria. This is a reason why Uber loves Abuja - its people, energy, innovation and beauty really speak for itself.

Ebi Atawodi, General Manager for Uber Lagos said:

“We're really excited to be launch Uber in Abuja. Uber gives the people of Abuja an affordable, easy and flexible choice to move around the city safely and reliably.

“For those who don't know, Uber moves around millions of global citizens every day offering affordable and reliable rides at the touch of a button. By offering a friendly and reliable complement to existing transport options, we can help improve urban mobility in Abuja, reduce traffic congestion and the environmental impact of vehicles at the same time.”

So what is Uber?

Uber helps people get a ride at the push of a button - there's no waiting on the street or walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods to find a bus. It's the most convenient way to get a safe, reliable and affordable ride.

Before Getting into the Car

During the Ride

After the Ride

Behind the Scenes

Ebi Atawodi added:

“Uber is part of a broader evolution in transportation, it is a new and exciting platform that is changing the way we travel and shaping the future of cities across the world. Abuja is a progressive, forward-thinking city that has a need for safe, reliable and efficient transportation and we are so excited to be launching here.”

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