Solidstar Turns Down Upcoming Artist’s Request to Feature in Song


There have been lucky moments when some upcoming stars around the world have gone for dates, collaborated with musicians just because they got a lot of Twitter retweets.

However, this does not mean that every musician would give these upcoming stars the opportunity to do so when it comes to featuring in their songs.

Solidstar recently turned a musician down for asking for a favour through retweeting and his response to the request was hilarious. Solidstar's musical career started way back in Ajegunle city when he had to do a lot of things to survive since she lost his grandma and father. It was only him and his elder brother. So after my secondary school, he had to do something. He started hawking meat pie at Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA. When he recorded his first song with Achievas Music and things changed from then.

T.K Adebanjo –Krane has tweeted “@ Solidsstarisoko bro please how many retweets do i need to have you feature on my song? 1000? Please reply.” Solidstar quietly replied “That trick no dey work here bro”