A Thank You Note To Amaechi And Wike

By Dum Syl Aminikpo
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Hello Minister Chibuike Amaechi and Governor Nyesom Wike,

I've been hearing a lot about you two. A lot, it isn't easy to get two men who can motivate people this much. You guys are the real deal. May God bless you for making Rivers State this famous.

From the heart of a sincere Rivers man. I say thank you.

Those who don't understand will not value the time you keep us in the news. Yea! We are the hottest news item in the country now. So much that others now envy our popularity.

Thank you for this tension in Rivers State. Young men now listen to you and want to curse, kill, maim and destroy. If others before you had made the state this hot, I'm not sure two of you would have been alive today.

But I'm not complaining. We pick the positives. You don't hate Rivers State. You only love her in unusual ways. Ways alien to ordinary mortals like us.

Please, not all of us have houses in Abuja and other places to run to. I have to save to pay my rent here. Your children are comfortably tucked away in secured places, away from the violence you keep brewing here.

But thank you too. We understand how much this adds to our overall development as a people. Those in Iraq can't make any noise about survival achievements anymore.

Did we commit any crime by giving power to you two? Should we curse the day we were born because two friends had issues, and have therefore decided that we must all die because you have scores to settle?

But thanks too. You've set new standards in settling scores. Guiness hasn't recorded it, but we are proud of what you've given us.

Amaechi and Nyesom, when the going was good, why didn't you involve us all? Why didn't you make it compulsory that we must all benefit and reap from the joys of your good relationship?

It is ok though. Some dead bodies are now benefitting. They've made the news.

Whenever any of you come on air, it is the same thing. Two men who should preach peace, set standards, and say things that can make young men and women aspire have stooped to using words that even street urchins will find too condescending.

It isn't your fault though. You've been too familiar with those words, but ignorant citizens demand too much. They want you to change overnight to using unnecessarily polished language. You proved them wrong. You remained real. You're the real deal!

How comfortable do you feel telling the whole world that you're nothing but thieves, madmen, etc? If you don't care how how we feel every time you talk, which of course you don't, shouldn't your years of friendship at least make you have a rethink?

But thanks for revealing your real identity. Seeing the situation in Rivers State has justified everything you said. You are the tags you gave yourselves.

If you don't care how Rivers indigenes feel about what their top sons say, shouldn't you at least put your kids into consideration and talk with some moderation? Have you blocked them from hearing anything about you like some musicians stop some kids from seeing their nude videos.

May they not grow in spirit and form. Because if they do...

If you don't care about what we feel, are you so heartless that you also don't bother that souls are being lost as a result of the violence invited by you?

They don't matter actually. The population growth justifies your action. Some things should be checkmated the hard way. You are policy makers. You know this. As long as you are alive, it is well.

Please, we want peace. Give us some. If you can't, at least don't inciting young men. You've had your fun, allow us to have some too.

This though is our greatest fun. The 30 minutes shootout without a bullet hitting the cars or any individual is grand. Too classy for even Hollywood. Only your efforts could have given us this top class drama.

Great warriors, once again, thank you.
Thank you for the tension.
Thank you for the blood city tag.
Thank you for the deaths.
Thank you for the endless drama.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Dum Syl Aminikpo
Tweets as @dumsyl