5 Things to Know About Before Hailing a Lagos Taxi

Source: Jovago.com
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It can be chaotic getting a taxi in a bustling and fast-paced city like Lagos , especially for first-time visitors. There are hundreds of taxi or cab operators in the city that you may be spoiled for choice. However, the taxi you board can make or mar your journey. If you cannot bear the turbulence of Lagos commercial buses and the outrageous traffic, your best option is to take a cab. In line with this, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal points you to five things you should know before hailing a Lagos taxi.

They are painted the ‘Lagos’ colour

The Lagos colour for commercial taxis and buses is yellow. If you visit other states, they also have their transport operator colours. Normally, commercial taxis that are not coated in yellow should not operate. But, Lagos is the city of hustlers, so any colour of cabs operate. If you need a cab, it is advisable to go for the one painted in yellow. It is not only safe but you can easily track the driver to his park if you have any complaints or you forgot something in his car.

Avoid rickety cabs
Rickety cabs can break down anytime during your road trip. These drivers are aware of the mechanical fault but do nothing. They will prefer to manage it instead taking it for repairs. To stop any delay, especially, if you are in a hurry, you should not take a rickety cab. Not that the good looking cab is perfect but the probability that it will break down on the road is low.

Negotiate before hopping in
Except you have a particular cab driver, you must bargain. Do not conclude that they will accept a price when you have not negotiated. If you do, they may embarrass you or engage you in a battle of wits.

Do not be too chatty
Ever wondered why some cab drivers are chatty? They always want to strike a conversation with you. If you perhaps decide to chat with them, do not reveal too much information about yourself.

Decide on who to pay the toll gate fee
If you are going to Lekki , you cannot circumvent the Lekki Toll Gate unless you take an alternative route. A huge problem cab drivers and their passengers encounter is who to settle the charge for the toll gate. Some cab drivers will refuse to pay while the passenger expects that the driver sum it up with the cab charges. Always ensure that you settle this before taking off.