Communications and Information Technology Minister Yasser El-Kady inspected work being implemented in the technology zone in Burg El-Arab, Alexandria

By Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technolo

Today, Communications and Information Technology Minister, Engineer Yasser El-Kady ( inspected work being implemented in the technology zone in Alexandria (30 Acres); where work is being done around the clock in order to finish on time and start operations in less than a year as instructed by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who tasked the Communications and Information Technology Ministry with establishing two technology zones in tandem in less than one year in his speech to the sector during the opening of the Cairo ICT exhibition in December 2015.

The Minister emphasized during his visit the need for sticking to the project timetable, which represents a cultural leap forward and technological focus that creates jobs and opportunities for the residents of Alexandria and surrounding provinces, in addition to providing excellent training on all technological applications relevant to the domestic and international market needs. El-Kady added that he personally monitors the project execution phases closely and reviews technical specifications promptly. He noted that all administrative work pertaining to establishing the Egyptian public company that shall develop, implement and manage the technology zones has been concluded.

The completed executive works include breaking ground for Phase I structures; laying the groundwork and pouring concrete foundations. Currently the customer service building ground is being dug and reinforced concrete foundations are being prepared in a number of buildings, such as the mall, health care centre, outsourcing centre, and the mosque.

Phase I, set in the technology zone in Burg El-Arab, includes a customer service centre, bank branches, shops, training centre, research & development centre, outsourcing centre, office block, facilities and infrastructure building for the Phase, an area management building, fences and gates, the mosque, and a mall.

A feasibility study for the technology zones was started on the 19th of November 2015, followed by a review of detailed feasibility studies submitted by Egyptian consultants who are specialists in this field. The general plan for the two technology zones in Burg El-Arab and Asyut was drawn and designs were laid out for Phase I buildings in both areas, both the architectural designs for the facades and the structural designs for the buildings.

The project of establishing technology zones in various provinces in Egypt is one of the leading national development projects adopted by the Communications and Information Technology Ministry via the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA); they are being prepared and equipped to receive most activities pertaining to ICT and associated services such as IT services; IT design and programming, the electronics assembly industry; training centres and IT development zones; and innovation & entrepreneurs; which includes a governmental services centre.

The technology zones shall raise the skill and competence levels of employees and graduates and those with medium qualifications in all specialisms to work in telecoms centres, tech support centres and electronic design and manufacturing. These shall provide competitive operating costs to investors and a motivating work environment that represent promising investment opportunities in the sector's activities while creating work and training opportunities at the highest levels in this industry. through these, The State, is seeking to reinforce Egypt's position as a regional ICT powerhouse.

Seven technology zones around the country shall be established in Burg El-Arab, Alexandria (30 Acres); As-Sadat City, Al-Menofia Province (50 Acres); Ramadan 10th City, Al-Sharqiya Province (85 Acres); New Beni Suef city, Beni Suef Province (50 Acres); New Asyut city, Asyut province (44 Acres); New Aswan city, Aswan province (41 Acres); and Damietta province.

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