4 Best Compliments For Nigerian Women Over 30

Source: Jovago.com

Let’s face it, Nigerian women love compliments more the men do, and when they are clocking 30 and above, the effect of the passage of time on them becomes more visible. Due to the norm in Nigeria where women over the age of 30 are considered “older women”, the single ones especially tend to feel less attractive and conscious of their looks as they no longer feel the rush of being ‘hot’ singles. The married, on the other hand, also battle with feelings of insecurity and also require a measure of reassurance as regards how they look.

Giving compliments is an easy way to make these breed of women feel better about themselves, especially if they have a particularly endearing quality that ensures their insecurities are not well founded. If you are friends with, dating or married to a woman over 30, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site offers 5 best compliments to pay her. Putting a smile on her face will definitely come back to you in positive ways.

“You Are Gorgeous”
The usually compliment would be telling the woman that she is beautiful, but for a woman over 30, she has probably heard the word “beautiful” so many times in her teens and 20’s, and now considers it random or negligible. She may even see the compliment as something impersonal and take no mind to it. The word gorgeous is definitely a lot more powerful than the word beautiful. Swapping the word for “gorgeous”, however, makes her feel much more unique and elegant. She believes you are not just complimenting her for her looks, but you are also her personality and aura.

“You are so trendy”
Keeping up with the trends and fashion is a struggle for most women over 30 in Nigeria. They are at a point in their life where they start to realize that they are no longer as particular about things as they used to be, and the times are totally different. They start to harbor the secret fear that they are no longer current and they no longer what is in vogue. Some of them actually achieve fashionable looks anyways, while some in their determination to be on par with the recent trends tend to overdo it. While telling them they are trendy or fashionable sounds like the most boring lines ever, it can be extremely effective when you say it the right way. It tells her that her style attracted your attention because the way she dresses reveals her personality and her interest.

“You are so smart”
Nigerian women over 30 like to feel powerful and they like to know that others notice their achievements. Telling her she is smart is a good way to make her feel empowered and most importantly feel good about herself. It reveals to her that there is more to her that people notice and her body or beauty looks may not be a pivotal as she is afraid it might be. Also, in the case of the compliment coming from a boyfriend or husband, it tells her that you respect and appreciate her for the fact that she is more intelligent than the average girl, so, there is less chance of you cheating on her with the pretty or younger faces.

“I feel like I can talk about everything with you”

This is one of the best compliments to pay a Nigerian woman over 30 as it communicates trust, appreciation and love at the same time. At their stage, they are very curious and tend to need a lot of assurance. They like to know that they are important to you enough that you want to confide in her and share your secrets. It also tells her that you appreciate her for the conversations and you have love the time you spend with her. Basically, it tells her that she’s still got it.