MC Oluomo Denies Staging No bra Party


It was an embarrassing story for MC Oluomo who was accused of staging his birthday with a lavish no-bra party for female on Monday, March 14, 2016, at The Place, GRA Ikeja, Lagos. It was alleged that MC Oluomo has asked that guests should attend in no underwear but adorn daringly skimpy attires.

The party photos spotted braless ladies and a very excited MC Oluomo with an abundance of alcohol and fun. However, this may not be true according to the celebrant who has denied such tale.

He is said to be a cheerful giver, hence his popularity among the high-classed Yoruba actresses.

He has had a great share of various Nollywood actresses in the Yoruba genre. These actresses flock around him like bees just to get his attention, money and love. We have seen some public fights over Mc Oluomo by some actresses who go the extra miles to make sure that they date him
Apart from the money and influence gotten when dating MC Oluomo, such actresses also have 'say' in whatever is happening wherever they are.