Letter To President Mahammadu Buhari

By Disturbing Afrik

I grieve this letter meets you in good faith. By all ramifications sir, you are a father to me but that doesn't mean I can't suggest to you on what you plan for me.

Right about now, you have started your second missionary journey in your return to government post after resting for some days as a result of the stress caused by an unproductive first missionary journey.

Aside that you abandoned me at home since I graduated from the university and you assumed power as president, this second missionary journey you embarked on have you doing totally nothing in line with your first.

No, this is not an attack on you. You are merely collecting awards and honours for jobs not done talk more of done well and still telling me sorry and keep waiting.

Dad, I'm home, come back! I need you more than you need those awards you travel out for. I can't travel well by bus in our country neither can I afford the airline services because I'm yet to receive a well paid job.

You have sacked a lot already, can't I get a position? I don't know if your state governors have reported bad federal roads with routes in their states because they are all abandoned for you.

Now, let's head back to your first missionary journey where you travelled more than the speed of light. At the end of this first missionary journey, you created more than what you wanted to stop.

Terror encroached from the northern regions to other geopolitical regions and regions with past terror records revamped. Price of daily needs of citizens increased. We are aware of lassa fever but garri and the now scarce bread remain our last surviving resort.

I chose to point this particular demanding issue out of the entire economic crisis our country is facing because it's a prayer most of us especially Christians, say everyday through Christ for God to provide our daily needs. If we can't have our daily needs then God is not with us. Let's draw closer to God.

There was a time I once heard and read of inflation back in my secondary school days but today I can apply it in your present government. You have removed what corrupted my eyes to see this, what a miracle!

Grandma told me this, that at the time you ruled our country the first time, most of these same issues re-occurred. You have Nigerians in mind, and I accept with you that Biafra is not needed. How come you are about to turn me to an Islam without letting me make a choice at this my age? Exactly what the previous muslim presidents tried on and failed is your next turn.

Of what use will it be to me if you change my religion without my situation? Have me in mind, I'm a citizen of your country. Now you are about to divide Nigeria with that religious attack, are you a religious Biafra? Rumours have it that you are about to implement Sharia Law on every state in Nigeria, is this true?

There is a religious war in the North and contradicting bills are passed daily and put in law. Your government needed the media shut but couldn't, now one of your northern states needs the gospel shut and every religious decision be made by her government. Boko Haram and Chibok Girls are nowhere to be found. The main house is on fire, your words have fallen.

You have recovered enough money in your quest against corruption yet the money is loosing value fast in your hands.

Lead to solve the country's problems rather than quoting them with us. Even at the high price of fuel today, both of us are aware that a lot of our politicians, law makers, creme de la creme and traditional rulers of our land carry free fuel home and hardly have their power supply shaky talk more of being cut off.

I know you can afford the school fees to your kids' education abroad. I mean, how can't you afford it when you know lecturers and cultists will toy with them in our federal universities? How about setting our country's universities upto standard as that of which you can afford abroad for those who can afford the ones here?

What happened to the words of the National Anthem and Nation Pledge you say everyday at assemblies? Are you riding on the House of Assembly? Who will fight for our rights?

I have been doing great except I don't have light here. Fuel is on the high side so it's inflating prices and delaying businesses here. The second satellite the previous government launched couldn't allow our network providers give us adequate services now.

I don't need to point out all new issues in this present government because we have experienced enough. Already, everywhere is a mess. Most sectors are mal-functioning and our civic rights are lost.

I'm yet to put myself in your shoes as I presume you have faced a lot too. I know you got this in mind, change! If you don't owe me or your citizens, at least you have people to prove wrong including grandma. You can't lie to us and lie to yourself. With all due respect Mr. President, please don't start what you can't finish. Come back home and change. Lead us well!


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