Top 5 Easter Family Destinations in East and Southern Africa, 2016


Easter is finally here and holiday lovers cannot wait for the long weekend. While some will be spending time indoors, others will opt for a getaway to different parts of Africa and this cannot be complete fun without the family. Easter is all about spending time with loved ones while at the same time enjoying some time away from the daily hustles and routines. Even with just 4 days, this is enough time to have that dream family holiday in Africa. , Africa’s leading online hotel booking portal, has put together some of the best family destinations to explore this Easter.

The Great Masai Mara in Kenya
Taking your family on safari to Kenya can be one of the most exciting experiences. From the rich wildlife to radiant sunsets, the Land of Kenya is the exact picture you imagined after watching The Lion King at your tender age. Your children probably dream of meeting the Lion too and a visit to the great MasaiMara would make their dream come true.

The Mara offers spectacular wildlife viewing for the entire family as different types of wild animals throng the prairies. Other exciting activities would include dancing with the Masai Morans, treasure hunting, animal tracking, arrow throwing, storytelling and many more. Accommodation in the Mara is never a hustle; especially with the help of the ever available Jovago Customer Agents who will assist you make a booking from the vast range of camps, in an easy, quick and memorable experience. Did you know that Kenya has recently been ranked as one of the happiest countries in East Africa in the United Nations 2015 World Happiness Report? What does that mean for you and your family? That your visit to Kenya this Easter will also go a long way in helping you partake a great deal of happiness from a great people of a great nation. What more would you want for an Easter holiday?

The Ile Sainte Marie in Madagascar
If craving to be on the beaches, how about a trip to the spectacular Ile Sainte Marie off the East coast of Madagascar? As an Island, Madagascar offers some of the most beautiful coastline beaches. Ile Sainte Marie will provide your family with an ambiance of a lifetime; with the still clear waters making visible pirate ships’ wrecks from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Franschhoek Valley in South Africa
Are you looking to savor the tranquility of a village setup? The Franschhoek Valley in Cape Town-South Africa is particularly good for your children and a community family setup. The village is nestled between mountains, with beautiful wine lands creating breath-taking scenery. Wine lovers will mainly find Franschhoek a thrilling holiday destination, with local activities ranging from wine-tasting tours of some of the finest wines, hiking, fishing, horse riding, biking and a ride on the tram-buses. The picturesque Franschhoek Valley provides world class accommodation and restaurants among the scenic vineyards, an experience that will leave lasting memories for you and your family this Easter.

Stone Town in Zanzibar
Everyone wants to go to Zanzibar and this is a must-visit destination. Only 35 km from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Zanzibar Island has lured tourists from all over the world due to its magnificent beaches and a unique culture. Among the many tourist attractions in Zanzibar is Stone Town. The town’s traditional mosques, meandering paths and market places will give you a feel of the ancient slave and spice trade in the archipelago. Exploring the Stone Town, which is the cultural center for Zanzibar, will definitely make your family holiday an inquisitive one.

Namibia Self-Drive Camping Holiday
Enough of the beaches and water. If you love to be on the road, then a classic road trip with your family through Namibia’s arid wilderness of rolling sand dunes will do. With only 4 days of Easter, a road trip gives you a chance to experience different breathtaking and beautiful landscapes at an affordable cost, since you have the option of packing your meals and/or making them during stopovers. Places of interest include the incredible sand dunes of Sossusvlei, Spitzkoppe, and Etosha National Park.

Contact your travel agent to organize everything you need for a self-sufficient trip. This would include a cool-box, gas cooker and cooking equipment, folding chairs and table, mattress and sleeping bags. Oh, it’s Easter so some Bunny Eggs to share along the way will make it more fun especially for the children. Take charge of your Toyota 4×4; ensure you have a spare wheel and a 24-hour emergency number. Enjoy your trip and ensure to have all the fun it has to offer. At night, select a secure location and set up your family campsite; pin down your camping tent, give each of your family a goodnight kiss and cuddle down in your comfortable sleeping bag. The next day awaits new adventures because this is Easter Holiday!