Group Berates ADHA Members Of Insensitive Despite Dozens Of Apologies Said By Suspended Mubi South Member

By Tom Garba, Yola

Adamawa Youths From Mubi South constituency of the state House of Assembly (ADHA) under the umbrella of "Adamawa Concern Youth of Mubi South", has today in a press conference in Yola berates the state's lawmakers of insensitive to dozens of apologies given by the suspended member representing the area.

The consider Abdulrahman Abubakar Isa as a courageous person who discovered his weaknesses and humbly regretted his actions by asking of forgiveness to the Governor and the erring members.

They are calling the attention of the lawmakers to bear in mind that greatest injustice done to one is when good men keep silent when an injustice is being perpetrated against the Innocent.

The leader of the group and who red the press letter, Barr Abubakar Sani condemn the attitude of the lawmakers to be enemies of not only for Abdulrahman but for the entire Mubi South who were rendered without representation for couples of months.

" I am surprised at your narrow mindedness senses of reasoning,you should look at this issue beyond Abdulrahman how can we justify your action when you render the whole good people of Mubi south without representation for four months now? We are silence to this extend because we believe the lawmakers ought to have call Isa to amicably resolve the issue bothering them," Sani asked.

"The people of Mubi South want their representative back, please do not short change us, for it can happen to anyone of you. Adamawa state is greater than anyone of us. Give us back our Mandate, Abdulrahman is our sure mandate and what we voted for.Your problem is an in House issue which it can be peaceful resolve amongst you without recourse to whatever misunderstanding" . He added

According to him It is imperative for members to note understand that, it takes a big courage for one to take responsibility of his action and a lot more courage to say "I'm sorry, please forgive me"over the local and international news mediums and all these was done by Hon. Abdulrahman Abubakar.

"The gentleman needs more than a second chance and deserve to be given benefit of doubt. History has judged him as someone who has taken a wrong decision rather than not taking any at all"

You can recall that Isa was suspended 11/11/2015 over unwarranted behaviours at the floor of the House and organising press conference out side his jurisdictions as a lawmaker that led him to leaked untimely information to the general public.

The lawmakers through their spoke man, Hon. Barguma Hassan Mamman, maintain the calling back of the suspended lawmaker is actually lies down to him,as he was since been asked to withdraw all court cases instituted against the lawmakers before he can be formally coopt back properly.