Iliya Yame Kwache: A diaspora Nigerian with a Passion to save North East

By Tom Garba, Yola

The Adamawa Born Lawyer who turned a Medical Radio Grapher and Resides in United Kingdom (UK),Barr Iliya Yame Kwache is one Nigerian Diaspora who has always yearns for the return of Peace in the whole of North East Nigeria especially the Northern part of Adamawa state who had some months ago were ravaged with incessant attacks of Boko Haram.

Iliya who on a constant effort has met with well meaning non Nigeria to ameliorate the sufferings of people netted with all forms of pains by the Islamic sects (Boko Haram) whose mission to why they are killing innocent people is not yet understood.

The Michika Nigerian is now doing great things in the Queen's Land to make sure peace is permanently returning in the whole affected LGAs of Adamawa state, this he vowed to have a pet project that Will empower Women and youths who are mostly affected.

Kwame who spoke to our correspondent in confidence, that being a Christian he has a Network of prayers friends who in a Daily basis they pray for the return and healing of the entire Adamawa State and Nigeria as a country,to him prayers is the solutions to all the social ills in Nigeria.

According to him even as UK has become his second country with all kinds of luxury but he has never seen a place like Nigeria, no place can be compare with Michika his roots and place of origin.

"I can stake in my life for my people, I can spend all I have to see that my place in terms of security is normalize because no place like home and no place can be a home for me except Michika Adamawa the land of beauty".

" I have been spending my resources and I will keep on spending, I have being praying and my prayers are endless unless I see that my people are totally liberated from the shackles of insurgents who have being very wicked to them unjustly ".

Yame is known to be a lover of his community since the days he was in Nigerian, his kinsmen attested that he is a burdens carrier to everyone he met. He identify with them any wherever he gets the opportunity.

At some point in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna,Kano and Jos he pilot the unity of his community people not minding the religion one is practicing. To Kwame your religion is your conscience and your conscience is your religion when it detects to you the right thing to do.

Being a Man with close relationship with his people, the late District Head of Michika,Alhaji Mohammadu Maude sees the good passion he has for his people cannot hesitate but to give him a most respected title of "Dan Lawal Michika"- Meaning a helper and a rescuers of those in trouble.

Iliya scheduled to surface Nigeria in no distance time in a mission he tagged " My land and my people must be Free from all forms of insurgents activities.

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