Nigeria In Backwardness

By Usman Mohammed
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"NIGERIA the giant of Africa and a great country" usually defined as such by the prominent predecessors taken away by faith. But now our country has now taking a name from being "a giant to being a debilitating country". May God save us all.

Our country is now in an economic regression and breakdown the sheath of things, the appalling scaling up in the price of commodities in the market is now a shocking and scandalous situation to be observed while there is an insufficient money in circulation.

Every substance placed in an array of entertainment in a market place is costly, leaving me with this saying; "where exactly are we heading towards in this country with this economic hardships and suffering gulping down the throats of the ordinary citizens of the country.

If this situations should persist (God forbid) it can lead to commotion and commition of crimes and other social vices.

Petroleum scarcity which has also led to the increased in the price of things which falls in our bellies, which is also one of the contributive factor in the scaling up price of commodities due to the transportation expenses recorded by the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers being the chains through which this commodities maintain passage.

The issues of budget passage in to bill has also create a room for the adverse situation we are facing. The question is; has this Senate's never have a hunch that millions of people are crying awaiting the positive change promised by the platform of APC that casted them in power, the only motor anticipated by the masses to be the bringer of fairness, justice, freedom, equity and a dividends of democracy upon the nation but what we are now witnessing is an absolute withholds of so many things that are supposed to be given.

We actually don't know where we are heading towards in this country with so much scandals, distortion of relevant information, carting away of truth and a lack of implementation of justice which has the rhythms to the melody of hearthy song that we all want to dance.

Our leaders should have a considerable views at the paucity increased in the price of commodities especially domestic products which are but an essential and necessary to the life of the local people of this country.

The awkwardness and a downward motion of the domestic economy, how everything is moving beyond the standards limits, due to the rate of the slowness in circulation of money, the situation is deaf and dumb while everyone is waiting for the change to falls from the heaven. We must put this phenomenon in to the hands of God by praying hardly, sacrificing our time for this service.

I pray that God should make an intervention in the scaling up price of commodities in this country.

May God make our country NIGERIA better than how it is turning out to be.

And showers down his blessings and mercy upon us.
Long, longer and the longest Live NIGERIA.
Usman Mohammed.
Mass Communication
IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.

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