President Donald Trump: Nunc Dimittis To Uncle Sam?


It will indeed, be world-classed news of all times, if Donald Trump does not win the Republican Presidential nomination. Through his mouth, he has sent-out all other candidates, leaving only three—two Latino descendants and one Balkan descendant (?) still standing and competing to also get the nomination. But they are lagging-far behind him that their further competition with the “man who thinks he has all the freedom to bad-mouth others, the man with cash and the true American boy who smartly evaded and failed to serve her in the military in Vietnam, in his youth years, is now ready to be her Commander-in-Chief”. Indeed, except a miracle happens, the revered Abraham Lincoln's Grand Old Party will become a children's party—eating with two hands and making a mess of the eating-environment. Who says change is not the most constant phenomenon; and the most dynamic thing that ever happens.

Uncle Sam, are you singing the Nunc Dimittis for yourself or others are doing so? Or, are the gods ready to do their job on summation as they do for and to everyone and for or to every-man-made thing? This writer, like others are confused, and utterly disturbed that the only emulative and glowing contemporary civilization is on the precipice, indeed on the brinks of self-retrogression that will be surely occasioned by one bombastic man whose immigrant ancestors came from those the Romans of old regarded as Barbarians at the gates (and therefore were not part of the pathfinders and vanguards—Puritans and Pilgrims to the new founded land of Native Americans as then discovered by Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci?).

Nunc Dimittis is a joyful sung sometimes to some people; and a sorrowful sung some other times to some other people. Which one will it be, if Donald Trump attains the supervisory-role of overseeing the fifty rooms built by Uncle Sam (the mystical hat-loving inspirational greatest-uncle of Americans—even loved by people from far lands)? Check-out Luke 2.29: Simeon (the temple keeper of Jerusalem) after seeing the young Jesus—brought to him by His parents (Joseph and Mary), sang a joyful nunc dimittis for The Almighty God to take-him-away from this sinful world as his eyes has seen the long-awaited messiah (as Americans will then see the true Trumped-up semantics of Donald on attaining their Presidency and therein seating on their revered swivel chair in the  oval office of their revered sepulcher to probably release neutron bombs on the recalcitrant descendants of Mohammed of the Arab peninsular or the ape-occupying and underdeveloped Africa). In addition, a sorrowful nunc dimittis could also be orchestrated because it has become a world treaty: MAD—Mutually Agreed Destruction of any who can press the button.

All these scenarios are concerning to sane minds and all are asking: Which way out, with or without Donald? A man whose earlier immigrant relatives forcefully and inhumanely took other people's land (killing many of them and keeping the insignificant few remaining in reserved territories) is now claiming to be the ultimate owner of the misappropriated land; and threatening also that when he attains the highest executive officer position of Uncle Sam's company, he will deport immigrants like his ancestors out of “the world greatest rustled land” (as a friend of this writer calls it). It is indeed baffling!

Donald did not even spare our own Naija. He said he met one Naija man in the coldest part of Uncle Sam's room (bought with a paltry amount from the war-bankrupt country with Siberia as its punishing zone few centuries ago but which the modern-human-bear, macho-boy and the former nosey boy for his country—who kicked-out his beau for 30 years is ready to take back); and swore to deport all Naija men and women because they are legally and illegally taking their homeboys' jobs. But the question after this threat is carried out is: What will happen to the many children and investments of Uncle Sam in the so-called “dark continent” that uses Whitney Pratt engines to lighten-it-up during Mother Nature's daily darkness (not the racist-mouthed darkness)?

Indeed, the whole world is keeping vigil: Watching and waiting for the outcome of Uncle Sam's highest-office election in November 2016. If Donald wins, a new song will be sung for Uncle Sam and the world that deeply emulates from him. One hopes it will not be a negative nunc dimittis—a permission or willingness to depart from life and living (please see dictionary definitions), as we know Uncle Sam's descendants love to live it. But a friend of this writer also says that: “all that happen are good—whether negative (bad) or positive (good)”; “that Egypt has to fall for other kingdoms to rise (remembering that kingdoms fall kingdoms rise)”; “that the 'Devil's Alternative' as written by the Union Jack's boy: Fredrick Forsyth, is that people (and nations) must die (through self-cause or by others-cause)”; and “that new born babies must be born to replace their bucket-kicking ancestors and relatives, in as much as men live on this planet earth with women (remembering also that the birth of every new child is the beginning of a new civilization)”.

What else can we add: Nothing again! Donald, the whole world is waiting for you to seat on the best chair in your land's governmental sepulcher, and the long-agreed world MAD(ness) will also respond like they responded to your fast-talking , hypnotizing and destructive (but 1945 Berlin Bunkered with his beau) ancestral uncle (Hisler), if you decide to trump-up killing charges on them. All of us are indeed waiting for November 2016 and beyond for Donald—the show-boy turned politick-boy on Uncle Sam's dance floor right now (and remembering also that “man was a boy”). Will the permission or willingness to depart life be loud and clear after Donald mounts the greatest world mountain of democratic governance? Your guess and answer will be as good as this writer's own. But surely, the world is waiting for “a new sung out of DC” that will surely change the world from November 2016—January 2017, and thenceforth!! We hope Donald is not a reincarnate of the “Iron and Blood” man (Otto von Bismarck) or the Austrian short man who ruled Germany but whom the Berlin Bunker denied ruling the world!!! What do you think? Whosoever, the world is waiting, and will surely adjust to the incoming reality-show.

Written by Eiko Osuji.