Discovering Ghana in 7 days;The Heritage Caravan (Part I)


Ghana , the rich land of culture and heritage is blessed with many natural resources, unique tourist sites, amazing history and tradition. However, many Ghanaians and foreign travellers are used to just a few popular tourist attractions. Many visitors or tourists come to Ghana with particular tourist destinations in mind. Fortunately, there are several other amazing tourist sites in Ghana that holiday makers, travellers and tourists can visit and enjoy. Although they are not so popular to many, they possess great sentimental and historic value and a visit to these places will leave you in awe as to why they are not being developed and publicised.

On a cool monday morning, a day after Ghana’s 59th independence anniversary, a group of adventurous tourists from different backgrounds and different age groups embarked on a journey. The journey which was organized by CitiFM and sponsored by Jovago ,Sasso, Top oil, Ghana commercial bank ltd and Colgate was dubbed the “Heritage Caravan Tour’’. The Caravan which toured 8 regions in 7 days was an eye-opener for many who saw Ghana in a very different way.

Adaklu Mountains - Ho (Volta region)
This great mountain in the volta region of Ghana is backed by great history and members on board the caravan had the chance of listening to the great stories and take pictures while enjoying the ambience. The time of day wasn’t very convenient for climbing hence most of the time was spent at the base of the mountain listening to the history of the Adaklu people and the myth surrounding the mountain. As legend may have it,the people of Adaklu came to settle at the base of a mountain for a long time and were afraid to go up the mountain because it was occupied by a very fierce monster. A brave hunter among them one day decided to fight the monster and after several hours of fighting,he killed the monster.He then relocated to the top of the mountain for several years before he finally came down to settle with the indegens. Indeed a very fascinating story. The Caravan then moved to New Abiriem where the tourists lodged for the night at the Obaa’s Golden Plaza Hotel.

Day 2
Manhyia Palace - Kumasi (Ashanti Region)
The second day started with much bliss and momentum as participants sang songs on the caravan from New Abiriem to Kumasi. It was a long and rough journey as the roads were very bad for most parts. Eventually after about 3 hours, the caravan arrived in Kumasi where the tourists made a first stop at the Rattray Park, a fun and recreational centre in Kumasi where they met the Mayor of Kumasi briefly; before they had a tour of the ultramodern facility. There is no visit to Kumasi without a taste of fufu, hence the caravan moved to the township to have heavy lunch of fufu and soup while a few others had banku. It was now time for the main deal. The caravan moved to the Manhyia Palace, home of the Asantehene. Here they were given a tour of the Manhyia Palace Museum. With the guide showing a video of the history of the Ashanti Kingdom , past kings, culture, heritage and tradition. The tour then ended with tourists being taken into the museum to see first hand the different monuments and items belonging to past kings and warriors of the Ashanti Kingdom. The team then retired to bed after a night of Karaoke.

Day 3
Dakpema’s Palace - Tamale (Northern Region)
After Ashanti history and culture, it was time to visit the Northern Region. Pride of Northern Ghana. Most of the road was tarred, thus the journey to Tamale was long but smooth Although the caravan arrived very late in Tamale, there was just enough time to have a very delicious meal of ‘’Tuo Zaafi’’. A very beautiful cultural display had been prepared for the tourists at the Dakpema’s Palace. After paying regards to the Chief, the tourists were treated to a wonderful display of the Damba Dance and other local traditional dance routines. It was enjoyable and very eye-catching. A colourful display of drumming, dancing and singing. The people of Tamale are indeed very entertaining. The caravan then retired to bed. The next morning, before the trip to the brong Ahafo Region, the caravan made a stop at the Tamale Cultural Centre where tourists took time to buy a few cultural items on display. These included the traditional smock (fugu), straw hats, anklets, bangles, leather bags and wallets among others. In all, it was a great experience for everyone on the Caravan at Tamale.

The journey has been good so far, watch out for the concluding part of the heritage caravan diaries.