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World youth to meet
by Annelien van Wyk

23 April 2010
KEETMANSHOOP – The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), an international youth organisation, will have its international regional meeting in Keetmanshoop next Tuesday during the National Youth Week Festival (NYWF) of the National Youth Council (NYC).

According to Justin Chusaru, vice-chairperson of WFDY, who spoke from their headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, he will be attending this extremely important gathering.

The purpose of the meeting is to brief the members on the work developed since the last general council meeting which took place in Lebanon in February.

“We will discuss the political situation in Western Sahara, which is the last colony in Africa. It is within our programme to have a mission to Western Sahara and enable the youth of Africa to fully understand the dangers of imperialism and openly condemn the Moroccan government over this illegal occupation of a sovereign nation,” he said.

“The ZANU-PF Youth League was mandated in Vietnam in 2007 to coordinate and represent the Africa region at the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

“As such and as a way of fulfilling the mandate and the constitutional requirements of the federation, we are very delighted by the stance taken by the Namibian Youth Council in accepting our request to hold our meeting on the sidelines of the Namibian national youth week.

“The meeting will also enable members of the ZANU-PF Youth League to brief the meeting on the impact caused by the illegal sanctions and also on the successes of the land reform programme in Zimbabwe.

“The members will also provide a clear understanding on the current indiginisation process, which seeks companies to give indigenous people an opportunity to control 51% of the shares in foreign companies as this is the last move that will enable Zimbabweans to be totally independent because political independence without locals controlling their resources, means nothing.

“We will also talk and brief members on Africom (the military bases being constructed by the Americans and Europeans in Africa). We will openly denounce such moves in the strongest terms.

“We will moreover discuss organisational matters ranging from finances of the federation to admitting organisations which applied for membership over the past year,” he said.

Members of the ANC Youth League will take the opportunity to market the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students to take place in South Africa in December this year. The last festival took place in Caracas, Venezuela.

This is the biggest anti-imperialist event organised by WFDY, for the youth to fully understand the dangers being posed by the militarily powerful nations to those they deem not complying with their needs and to continue exploiting the resources of “small” nations.

(These are the issues of importance to the future leaders of Southern African countries.)

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